On Quora, some questions surely earn more money than others. As somebody aspiring to monetise on Quora, it is important that you know exactly which questions earn money under the Quora Partner Program

Having been a part of the Quora Partner Program for more than a year now, I’ve realised that there is at least 14 type of questions that monetise more quickly and up to a larger amount.

Some questions earn more than others on Quora

Which Questions Earn Money in the Quora Partner Program & How to Start Asking Them for Faster Monetisation ?

Quora keeps updating regularly the insights for all top questions being asked by various people who are part of the Quora Partner Program. These insights are provided on a monthly, six monthly and twelve-monthly basis and are reflected on the dashboards of members.

I’ll be sharing 14 winning categories of questions on Quora in this blog based on those exact insights.

But first, I’d like you to understand the following 3 Important concepts. The reason being, questions that earn more money on Quora OR don’t earn at all are a result of these three very concepts.

So READ THEM CAREFULLY and then scroll the blog further.

1.External Traffic on Quora

Views that are received on a question, as well as its answers from outside Quora, comprise the external traffic on Quora. This includes views mainly from Google and social media.

Questions with external traffic earn the most money on Quora.

2. Internal Traffic on Quora

Views that are received on a question, as well as its answers from within Quora, comprise the internal traffic on Quora. This includes views mainly from the active users of Quora.

Questions with just Internal traffic or maximum internal traffic do not make much money.

3. Ad impressions on Quora

Ad impressions as defined by Quora are the views that an advertisement receives by people viewing the question. The more external views a question receives, the more Ad Impressions will be earned by that question. This will translate into more money for your question.

Now that you have gone through the above 3 terms, let me get started with the 14 types of questions that will make you more money in a short span of time under the Quora Partner Program.

Start Asking These 14 Winning Category Questions on Quora & See Your Earnings Tab Increase Quickly

Try asking questions under these categories and trust me, you will see your earnings increase on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

1. Technology Based Questions Bag the Biggest Earnings on Quora

Any question that is based on technology – be it an existing technology in use by people or an emerging one that is slowly gaining traction by people performs really well on Quora. 

Technology based questions perform the best in QPP

The question above has earned a whooping $556.65. This is a lot of money for just one question. This is a very basic question that caters to Joomla – A content management system just like WordPress.

The reason this question has been able to earn so much money is that it is a very in-trend question. Hence, more and more people are asking it not just within Quora but also outside Quora. 

The metrics of this question mention 100% external traffic. So this is surely an added factor.

2. Need Based Questions are Gold on Quora & Perform Beautifully

A question that is need based is able to monetise really fast on Quora. By asking questions from your everyday life about problems that need solutions, you will see your earning tab fill up early on Quora.

Common questions do well in QPP

The question above has earned $507.17 and is based on a person’s need to find a freelance developer who helps build an e-commerce website for her/him. 

There are three factors that have led to the fast and good monetisation of this question. The first factor is that the question is completely need based. Secondly, there is 100% external traffic on it and thirdly it is overlapping the technology segment.

These three factors have added to the good earnings of this question.

3. Social Media Based Questions are Most Enduring for Quora Monetisation

Social media has changed our lives forever in both good and bad ways. And hence, there is a lot of buzz on tons of issues that revolve around social media. This is a question that pertains to that buzz.

Which questions earn money in the Quora Partner Program

The question above has earned $214.66. Now as per Facebook, more than 1 Billion active users exist on the platform. And so obviously, a  question such as this will be asked by numerous people.

The fact that this question is being asked by numerous people helps to gain faster visibility on the internet. Therefore, this question has 100% external traffic and more than 40,000 Ad Impressions.

A question like this is bound to earn for a long period of time because Facebook isn’t going anywhere and neither are the people who will have this exact issue and will search this question on the internet.

4. Questions Pertaining to Finance are Evergreen on Quora

Finance is evergreen when it comes to asking questions. You will neither earn too less nor too much. But the monetisation on financial based questions is more or less constant. Therefore, a question like this is bound to do well.

Finance based question do good on QPP

The question above has earned $86.12. Now, this might seem less as compared to the previous question but it isn’t because the monetisation here is more stable. Also, this is a forever question.

With stock trading becoming more and more mainstream, a question of this nature will perform well in terms of all three factors – monetisation, 100% external traffic as well as lots of Ad Impressions.

With the nature of businesses and markets changing, questions based on finance especially stocks are bound to do well under the Quora Partner Program.

5. Entertainment Based Questions Earn Instantly on Quora

Questions pertaining to movies and music are bound to do well for shorter periods of time. This is why the earnings in the case of such questions are instant.

Entertainment based questions on Quora Partner Program

This question has earned $62.25 and is a short-term earnings question. On Quora, a short term question pertains to a query that won’t be searched forever. So questions like this earn instantly and reach a plateau.

Once the plateau is reached, then the earnings don’t increase afterwards. Hence, entertainment-based questions do well for shorter periods of time. But since they do well instantly, ask these questions often.

6. Health & Fitness Questions Remain Balanced in Earnings on Quora

Health and Fitness is a huge market on the internet. And so questions under this category perform well slowly and steadily. This is a good category for beginners to start.

This question has earned $41.64 with 98% external traffic and 2% internal traffic. Google is flooded with posts and videos on health and fitness.

Hence, most users find their answers outside of Quora. And this is why this category lies on the lower spectrum of monetisation as far as Quora Partner Program is concerned. However, the income is steady.

Keep trying for more innovative health and fitness questions for better earnings.

7. Personalised Questions are Excellent for Beginners on Quora

The most commonly asked questions on Quora and also in the world at large are usually personal ones. Personalised questions prove really good for new users of the Quora Partner Program.

Personal question earns ok on QPP

This question has earned $38.21. Now the views on this one question alone are more than 5 million and the Ad impressions are more than 500K

Despite such amazing metrics, the reason this question has earned less as compared to other category questions is because of the source of traffic. But this is still decent for an absolute beginner of the Partner Program.

Only 1% of external traffic has reached this question owing to its personalised nature. And therefore Quora has ignored all the other metrics. This is exactly why external traffic matters a lot for the monetisation of questions on Quora.

8. Hypothetical Questions Inspire the World and Earnings on Quora 

The world is full of people who ask hypothetical questions. And so, users who are just getting started with the Quora Partner Program must ask questions of this nature. It will be good practice and you’ll see monetisation faster.

Hypothetical questions under QPP earn less

The current question has earned $9.62. Now here, the external traffic is 100%. And this is a major reason that this question has been able to monetise.  Had there been so external traffic on this question, it would have been extremely hard for this hypothetical question to make money.

The most interesting aspect of this question and its monetisation is that despite being a completely hypothetical question, people still have searched it on the internet.

And this is why anyone who is a beginner can choose to start with questions of this nature. The sooner you monetise (even if it’s less), the more incentivized you will feel.

9. Ask Good Questions on Comparison of Books on Quora

Questions pertaining to a comparison of two best-selling books makes for a good choice under the Quora Partner Program. Instead of asking questions related to a single book, try asking comparative questions.

Questions on books do average under QPP

The current question has earned $6.77. It has a major chunk of external traffic and some bit of internal traffic as well. Comparison of the two books is something that people do all the time. 

This is why this question has gained traction from both within as well as outside Quora. Questions like this might earn less in the beginning but prove to be quite steady income questions eventually.

The reason for this steadiness is the eternal nature of this question. Books will last forever and so will comparisons.

10. Questions from Ongoing News Earn Well During First 72 Hours on Quora

News questions on Quora do very well for the first 72 hours of them being asked. The spike in earnings is sudden and then after a period of 72 hours, they don’t get traction owing to the fleeting nature of news.

News Questions perform least in QPP

The question above has earned $6.74 despite having 100% external traffic. Reason being, the ever changing nature of news stories and the attention span of people towards news items.

However, questions based on the news – be it local news, country news or international news ought to be asked by members of the Quora Partner Program. These questions result in instant earnings. 

The earlier you ask an ongoing news question, the higher will be its chances of receiving more views. By the way, as surprising as it may sound local news questions do much better than international ones because the competition is extremely less. 

11. Country Specific Questions on Quora Have Slow but Steady Income

Questions that concern specific countries have a late returning but steady income. The reason being, people tend to ask questions of this type after having knowledge about a country in general.

Questions based on countries do poorly on Quora

The current question has earned $4.53. But I can tell you that this same question will increase it’s earning over a period of time as more people search it on the internet.

The external traffic here has to be high because country questions have been searched all through time.

If you are somebody who has knowledge of specific countries with regards to particular issues, you should surely be asking questions of this nature.

12. Ask Sports Questions on Quora Using Celebrity Names and Recent Events

Sports questions vary in their earnings. A question of sports that is is news will earn instantly and more. A sports question that is more generic will take a longer time to monetise but will keep growing.

Which questions earn money in the Quora Partner Program

This question above has earned $3.67 with a mix of external and internal traffic. External traffic is obviously dominating. 

In a category such as sports, monetisation depends completely on the exact nature of the question. Queries that are related to the specifics of sports won’t earn that much. 

However, news based questions for sports or even queries on the leading players are able to earn more money. This is due to the high volume of people asking the same question at once on the internet.

13. Beauty & Skincare Questions on Quora Must be Brand Driven

The beauty and skincare industry is a big one. And as beginners of the QPP, questions from within this category that are personalised and product based will help you monetise instantly.

Beauty product based questions fare poorly on Quora Partner Program

This current question from the beauty and skincare industry has earned $2.53. It is a personalised question and that is why the earning is less. 

But let me tell you that if you add the exact name of a brand, a celebrity or even a successful influencer in questions belonging to this category, you will see monetisation happening to a much greater level.

Try asking questions that are less personal and more generic. That way you can monetise more per question from the beauty and skincare category.

14. Ask Theology Questions from Christianity & Buddhism on Quora

The last category of questions that earn well on Quora is Theology. Any question pertaining especially to Christianity, the Bible, Buddhism and Judaism do well more than other religions combined.

Theology based questions earn ok on Quora

This question has earned $1.95.This seems a small amount but a question like this tends to do better with time. Since Christianity is the world’s largest religion, more and more people keep searching for instances from the Holy Bible.

Also, there are lots of searches on the use of religion in one’s own life. This specifically pertains to Christianity and Buddhism.

Anybody having the curiosity to know and understand religion better must ask questions from across religions. You will get intriguing answers to your questions plus monetisation. 

Start asking these 14 types of questions on Quora and trust me, you will see the earnings tab get bigger.

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