Anybody passionate about using Quora for a while knows about its Partner Program. However, how to join the Quora Partner Program is the real question that needs to be addressed.

In order to join the Quora Partner Program (QPP) and monetise like I did, you need to know a few important things. Having been part of the program, I will share all those aspects with you.

I got the opportunity to join QPP in the early onboarding stage. Hence, I would like to share my insights with you that will help you become a part of QPP as well.

My QPP dashboard

How to Join the Quora Partner Program in 2023 | Video

The internet is full of misinformation when it comes to joining the Quora Partner Program in 2023. Hence, in order to do away with all the hogwash, I’ve created a video explaining the exact nature of QPP and how to join the Quora Partner Program.

My video on QPP will provide you with a lot more clarity than you might have at the moment.

The one thing that needs to be remembered at all times is that Quora Partner Program is an ‘invite-only’ initiative. And so Quora will send you the invite so that you become a QPP member and monetise up to $500 or more for asking questions.

No matter what people write on the internet, the truth is that Quora itself sends invites to people to be a part of QPP. And no invite link exists as such. 

7 Misconceptions that People Have about Joining the QPP

There exist at least 7 common misconceptions that a lot of people have about joining the Quora Partner Program.

1. Users can email Quora to receive an invite for QPP

This is absolutely incorrect. No user can email Quora and request an invite. Quora itself prepares a list of people and sends them invites to be made part of its Partnership Program.

The email ID is not at all meant for sending requests to Quora. It is meant for members who might face issues using the Quora Partner Program.

2. You need to have 100,000 content views to join the QPP

You do not need to have 100,000 content views in order to join QPP. All you need to do is add value to the platform in some way and do so consistently. 

A question about joining QPP was once asked on Quora. And here is an insight by a member.

How to join the quora partner program

3. Existing members of the Quora Partner Program can invite new members

No existing member of Quora has the authority to invite any more members to the Quora Partner Program. You can’t share any sort of link. verbal invite, email invite – just nothing.

Quora alone will send invites to potential members.No another way at present is allowed by Quora

How to join the quora partner program

4. People pay Quora to be part of the Quora Partner Program

Nobody possibly could pay Quora to be a part of the Partner Program. The entire intent of QPP is to onboard people who can ask legit questions thereby creating quality content on Quora.

Therefore, Quora isn’t frivolous to make money and sell invites. So to believe such false information as to how to join the Quora Partner Program is being ignorant.

5. Only active English speakers can be invited to Quora Partner Program

The Quora Partner Program is active not just in English but in numerous other languages that are spoken around the world.

In my own country India itself, QPP is made available to users of both Hindi and English.

6. Citizens from the USA can join the Quora Partner Program

I am a citizen of India and not the USA. I am very much a part of the Quora Partner Program since Nov, 2018. Hence, there is absolutely no truth in saying that QPP is meant for citizens of the US only.

The Partner Program surely began with users based out of the USA (since Quora as a company is in the USA) but that slowly expanded into a worldwide invite initiative.

My invite to QPP

7. Users need to be active for many years to be able to join QPP

Users do not need to stay active for years and years to receive an invite to the Quora Partner Program. All you need to do is follow Quora’s policies & guidelines well and add value to the platform.

By doing so, you will receive the invite sooner than you imagine.

If you are an active and value driven user of Quora, it is a matter of time when you will surely be able to join the Quora Partner Program. Therefore, please do not allow any piece of misinformation to ruin your chance to be a decent member of QPP in the future.

Quora runs a space known as Quora Partners. Here their team keeps briefing everybody on Quora about QPP. Join this space to receive authentic information at all times.

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