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A Word

From the Founder

“When millions of individual voices come together, they have the power to reverberate across the planet. And the loudest voices always belong to the most honest Content Creators. Blogging Elementary is an E-Space for pushing all such voices further by helping them becoming visible globally through the innate power of digital content.

As an evolving Entrepreneur, a Mentor to thousands of aspirational voices globally and a thriving Blogger myself having created content from locations across the globe in the last one decade, I dedicate Blogging Elementary to the power of excellence and to every aspiring individual who ever wrote to me, learnt and made it big despite all odds. “

– Akriti Mattu


Akriti is one of the smartest minds when it comes to building digital presence and understanding what it takes to build credibility and sustainability as an online creator. She has been helping so many women in the SHEROES platform as a mentor. I am grateful for that. She is always learning, challenging the status quo and sharing her knowledge. She is the best!

Sairee Chahal

Founder & CEO, Sheroes

As somebody who loves working behind the camera all the time, writing a few words for Akriti feels nice. Akriti is a beautiful person who lets people work on their own. She provides ample space for people to work in a way that doesn’t inhibit their creativity. Best part is that she always shares objective inputs with people thereby driving them forward at all times.

Sojin Varghese

Creative Liaison , Embibe

Akriti is an absolutely inspiring woman with excellent mentoring skills. What I love most about her is that she is a learner and dreamer. “BE” is a fabulous, much-needed initiative which will show the path to many new Content Creators who may feel lost in the rapidly expanding online space. I’m sure Akriti’s hardwork & humility will take BE to great heights. This platform gets a double thumbs up from me.

Anupama Dalmia

Founder, Beyond the Box

As somebody who has committed himself to Fitness entirely, won numerous international awards and has trained for 13 years, I know the value of grind, drive and dedication. And I thought that only athletes and fitness passion people possess these qualities until I met Akriti. She is an excellent Mentor and a true Leader. I was waiting all these years to find someone who could help me crack online strategies for my business. And as the saying goes “when a student is truly ready , an inspiring teacher will appear.” – This has been my story. She has truly helped me break all mental barriers. Forever grateful to Akriti. “BE” is going to help so many people.

Anoop K

Muscle Mania Champion

Akriti was among the first content interns at my startup a few years back and she really set the bar high with the detailed content she created. Fast forward a couple of years, she was the one giving me inputs on how to scale faster using SEO best practices, email marketing and social media hacks. Creative, dedicated, hard working and always ready to lend a hand, she is constantly learning and sharing. I’ve seen her go from strength to strength, adding several feathers to her cap and tons of experience in the digital space, all of which she’s sharing through this wonderful initiative of hers – Blogging Elementary.

Maheima Kapoor

Founder & CEO, Talking Street

Digital and Internet Marketing is not a just a profession. It is an ever changing landscape with newer and more powerfu technologies to adapt every single day. It is a bold practice like medicine where you either survive or shrivel. And Akriti is such an inspiring survivor. I know her from the days of her personal blog writing – Cerebration; where she built a dynamic community of some very inspiring people. I’ve seen her all through these years. She has grown her way up to the top of the ladder by means of her hard work and adaptability. With an architect like Akriti behind this enterprise, millions of aspirational individuals are bound to benefit.

Kunal Patrawala

Digital Consultant, Infimax

Working with Akriti and her team for the last several months has been a delightful experience. I came to her after I had invested around 2 years in blogging trying to figure out things on my own and learning along the way. But I must tell you that my whole perspective towards professional blogging changed in few sessions I had with her. Professionalism, honesty, ethics and delivering beyond consumer expectations are just a few values Akriti Mattu and team lives by. In a nutshell, as far as my career as a blogger goes, I have never felt a need to look somewhere else for any kind of inputs or advise. She is my go to person, when I want to discuss new ideas: validating, tweaking or scraping them, or when I need a quick dose of motivation.I highly recommend BE to anyone who wants to master digital content.

Kushal Singhal

Parenting Coach

In times of information overload and data clutter, it’s important to have someone who has the right knowledge, skill-sets & attitude to share deep understanding & insights of digital landscape. What I admire most about Akriti is her ability to articulate very complex & ambiguous real-life situations into simple, doable activities that create value & make an impact in business & for personal growth. She is calm, resilient and very non-judgemental in her approach towards people. And this right here is one of the rarest attributes that can be found today. I am extremely happy and delighted to see Blogging Elementary become a reality and I am am certain that Blogging Elementary or BE will be a great resource guide for anyone who needs direction and clarity on how to make progress with their goals.

Rachana Gupta

Founder & CEO, Gynoveda

I am by profession a hardcore and passionate Techie. And yet, the world of Content and Blogging have transformed me into a Gastronomy Blogger. I couldn’t even imagine doing it professionally a while back. My experience with Akriti and her mentorship sessions have been beyond awesome. I not only thoroughly enjoyed each session but looked forward to the next one despite being them late at night after my working hours. In the beginning, I had so many questions but I was surprised when things fell in my favour. Akriti taught me every concept very patiently. This includes even small details. What started as an uncharted territory transformed into a wonderful journey of learning and growth. I never could have imagined how internet and blogging can literally transform lives. I am so happy and ecstatic to be a part of the transformation at BE. I wish Akriti my best.

Sivaranjani Ponnathota

Food Connoisseur





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