Starting a blog in your native language is the best thing you can do. The advantages of blogging in your native tongue are numerous. Hence, by ignoring your regional language, you will do your blog a great disservice.

In the digital age, when Google itself is investing so much time, money and resources to get accurate regional language searches for users, you have got to start blogging in your native tongue.

Advantages of blogging in your native tongue

In my current blog, I will help you understand the benefits of blogging in your regional language. I will also share examples and data wherever applicable so that you stay encouraged to write in your own language.

23 Advantages of Blogging in your Native Tongue

Nothing speaks louder to the audience than sharing your stance in their mother tongue. And so, let me share with you the numerous advantages that are in store for you if you’re thinking of starting a blog in your mother tongue.

1. A regional blogger connects with the native speakers better

As a Blogger creating content in a regional language, you will most certainly be able to make a deeper connect with your audience.

You will understand their queries, sentiments and concerns much better than a Blogger in English. Hence, the content you create will be based on the exact needs of your audience.

2. Your relevance as a native blogger will be more on Google

Time and again, Google has asserted its stand on ‘relevance’ and ‘intent’ to all content creators. The first characteristic for a blog to rank on any keyphrase is always relevance.

Therefore, as a native language Blogger, you will fare really well in this aspect. After all, you understand the needs of your audience better. And hence, the intent of your blog will be spot on.

As per Ahrefs, the most relevant and intent based result needs to be put up for a search query. This implies that your content should be completely, ‘to the point.’

Benefits of blogging in native language

3. Loyalty and direct traffic spike on regional language blogs

Earning loyalty from readers is one of the biggest challenges for Bloggers. However, a Blogger who is able to create quality content in his/her own mother tongue will easily overcome this challenge.

In a world where most Bloggers choose English to start a blog, the native Bloggers will always stand out. And this right here will prove to be an advantage.

While the Bloggers writing in English pace up and understand what factors aren’t working in their favour, the regional ones will be miles ahead.

4. Quality regional bloggers crush competition fast

If you’re one of those bloggers who is able to create excellent quality content. Also, frame a decent content strategy around keyphrases, then you will crush all existing competition in no time.

Even though each country has plenty of native speakers, when it comes to blogging, the quality of blogs is very average. Hence if you’re qualitative, you will easily own your place digitally.

5. Non-English micro bloggers tend to dominate on Instagram Fast

Niche domination on Instagram takes years for Micro-Bloggers in English and rightfully so. The same however isn’t true for native language Micro-Bloggers. The space is largely uncluttered when it comes to regional languages.

This is Silvia García. She is a Spanish Fashion Micro-Blogger on Instagram and is loved by the community. She has created her own fashion brand Á Bicyclette


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Silvia García BARTABAC (@bartabacmode) on


Hence, to be able to establish a firm grip over your chosen niche on Instagram won’t take a large amount of time. This is a major advantage that only regional Bloggers can enjoy.

6. Monetisation opportunities come to regional bloggers quickly

Since a regional language Blogger will stand out fast, it will monetise money fast as well. The only thing that you should remember at all times is to not take your skill for granted.

You have got to work very hard, maintain a good pace of publishing and make no compromise in writing. Once you’re dedicated, see that money rolling fast.

7. Grow big on YouTube as a regional voice

Even though the first set of YouTube videos were created in the English Language, it is the native language audience globally that dominate YouTube viewership now.

With video content becoming more powerful by the day, more regional content creators are gaining the advantage of this platform. By directing your YouTube audience to your blog, not only will you increase its visibility online but also monetise well.

As per Wikipedia, the current 5 YouTube channels amongst the top 10 globally belong to regional languages.

Advantages of blogging in your regional tongue

8. Regional audience prefers regional info products by bloggers

Since your niche authority as a Regional Blogger will be much higher, your information products will sell much better. Information products include any digitally created product.

This includes paid videos, tutorials, E-Books, webinars, podcasts and whatnot. Regional Bloggers often enjoy lots of direct traffic on their blog and that converts into customers really fast.

9. Blogging in your own language will save your time 

It is said a person always thinks in one’s own language. And so if you can sync your thinking and writing together, you will save so much time as a Blogger.

Most of the time, Bloggers are just not able to manage their time properly because they lack ideas and a decent vocabulary to roll out blogs quickly. However, blogging in one’s own language will save a person this hassle.

10. Non-English bloggers fill in digital content gaps fast & are Trusted

Only a regional Blogger can understand the gaps that exist within a niche from the point of view of a native speaker. And to be able to fill those gaps will result in winning the hearts of millions of people.

Language should never be a problem when it comes to a native speaker asking questions on Google. Hence, when a Regional Blogger writes about all such topics, it helps a massive amount of native speakers.

Regional Bloggers and their writing are much more searched and trusted as per Google’s own data.

Advantages of blogging in your native tongue

11. Content quality of your blog will never be compromised

Since as a native language writer, you will create blogs with all your heart, the quality of your writing will be good. And you can invest even more effort in constantly upgrading the quality of your blog.

The reason being, you won’t have to worry about struggling in the English language first before creating content.

12. Offline event invites are abundant for native bloggers

Not every Blogger gets invited to real events. However, a regional Blogger dominating in their niche surely get invited a lot more.

Offline events are important for increasing your contacts in the industry. Also, collaborating with new people. Lastly, getting people to sponsor your blog and building an even larger audience.

13. A regional blogger doesn’t need to plagiarise content

When bloggers have knowledge that can be articulated well, they don’t plagiarise. Only a person lacking niche knowledge and articulation feel the need to copy-paste.

And this is out-rightly wrong and unethical. As a Blogger, one must never plagiarise. The whole point of starting a blog implies contributing towards more value driven information as opposed to copying existing ideas.

Google comes heavily on sites that copy-paste content. And so by being knowledgeable and articulate in your own language, you will never have to worry about a plagiarism penalty from Google.

Native bloggers don't need to plagarise

14. Writing in your mother tongue will keep you comfortable as a blogger

Comfort is so important for Bloggers. The more comfortable you are in your chosen language, the more time you will save and the more honest you will remain.

Honesty is the biggest trait expected in a content creator. And that comes with knowledge and intent. An individual not comfortable with the grammar and vocabulary of the chosen language of the blog tends to lose out on a lot.

15. Churning new ideas is easy for regional bloggers 

Readers of blogs almost always look up to new content being published. After all, you earned them in the first place because they must have connected with your content. And so to be able to churn new ideas is extremely important. That churning happens only in a free mind.

Therefore, as a comfortable native speaker and writer, you won’t have to worry about anything else. You will be able to devote your entire time only churning new ideas, implementing them and connecting with the audience.

16. Chances of becoming an early big player in blogging is high

Being an early player in an industry for a certain language is a big thing. Early players have the advantage of niche dominance, quick monetisation and high authority.

This is exactly why quality blogging in a regional language is an absolute must. The more loyal the speakers of a language, the higher are the chances of a regional Blogger excelling.

I’m sure every foodie around India who seeks recipes online knows Hebbars Kitchen. The Blogger behind the entire empire now is Archana Hebbar. What started as a regional blog in Kannada is now available in Hindi and English. Archana has YouTube channels as well as apps for her platform as well.

Hebbar's Kitchen

17. Social media engagement for native bloggers is good

If you’re able to start and then excel as a regional Blogger, you will automatically have an edge over a number of social media platforms. Your audience will love you on your blog as well as on social media.

You won’t even have to ask for anyone to follow and engage with you. It will happen on its own, given the trust that your readers will have in you as a regional Blogger.

18. E-Book sales are huge for regional bloggers

One of the less known but powerful advantages of blogging in your native tongue is that if you decide to publish an E-book or a series of E-books, the chances of them selling out will be much higher.

A regional audience sticks to blogs for a long period of time since no English Blogger really understands their sentiments. And hence, once you roll out your E-Books based on your niche in your native tongue, you will end up making a good amount of money.

This is only fair since you’ve been adding value to people’s lives through your blog.

19. Your organic mentions will be high on Google

With Google Co-Citation becoming a bigger force than ever for Bloggers, it is of paramount significance to adapt to regional language blogging. There, the chances of your visibility are a lot higher than they are in English.

You will not be mentioned by people online who have authority unless your blog stands out. And since a native language blogger already has the advantage of standing out, co-citations will be in place for them

Google Co citation

20. A native language blogger doesn’t depend on Ads alone

One of the major advantages of blogging in your native tongue is that you don’t really have to rely on Ads from Google. Regional Bloggers anyways earn less on US based Google ads so you can come up with much better monetisation methods.

Creating your own digital products, Affiliate Marketing and Influencer Marketing are some of the revenue driven monetisation methods.

21. The chances of becoming a Niche blogging influencer are high on IGTV

IGTV or Instagram TV is an unexplored territory for most regional bloggers. And therefore, you must explore this platform and get going. The best part is that you can go LIVE every now and then.

So you won’t even have to edit your videos. Make your regional blog even more dominant on the internet by adapting to IGTV. Do not allow the fear of the camera to scare you off.

22. Get endorsed by media houses organically switching to regional languages

In order for anybody to grow as a content creator online, it is paramount that big names of the industry endorse your work and you. For this to happen, a website or blog has to exist in the first place.

So if you are a regional Blogger, the chances of you getting spotted by these big media houses are quite high. This is true especially now when most of them are slowly making their platforms multilingual. 

23. Choosing a competitive niche is easy for regional bloggers

Selecting the right niche goes a long way in the success of a blog. The blogging space in the English language has a ton of experts. Therefore for any new niche Blogger to enter that space won’t be a winning opportunity.

The advantages of blogging in your native tongue however will be that you not only get to choose the desired niche but also excel in it in a comparatively short span of time. 

If the question of, “Should I write my blog in English or my native language’ has ever crossed your mind, know that creating content in your own regional tongue will provide you with as many as 23 advantages. So why waste this opportunity. Right ? 

Start your blog in your mother tongue today and then never look back. All you need is to get your niche right and frame a correct content strategy around it. The rest will fall in place.

Lastly, remember that just writing in your native tongue won’t prove to be an advantage. However, becoming a cut above the rest will be the real advantage as a regional Blogger. 

Akriti Mattu