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Internet Weekly

YouTube Says Videos Won’t Get Removed For Too Many Flags

YouTube says videos will not automatically get removed for being flagged too many times. All videos are evaluated under the same policies no matter how many flags they have. That’s done to make sure there is no malicious or unfair treatment of someone’s content.

Google updates

Google Analytics Will Track Data Without Cookies

Google Analytics will soon utilise machine learning to understand the customer journey with or without cookies. Google’s advanced ML models will fill gaps in data left by cookies not being available. Google says ML will be used, whether cookies are available or not.

Internet Weekly on Blogging Elementary

Facebook & Instagram Users Can Hide Their Like Counts

Now the Facebook and Instagram users will have the option to hide like counts on their own posts. Facebook says hiding like counts allow users to focus on consuming and sharing content and not get preoccupied with the number of likes received.

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