Any blog that starts receiving a good amount of visitors should start looking for multiple ways of monetisation. And getting sponsored posts for your blog is the earliest of those ways.

If you are the kind of Blogger who prioritises value driven content above anything else, you will most certainly receive excellent quality sponsored posts.

Getting sponsored posts on your blog from quora

There are a lot of ways by which you can fetch good quality sponsored posts for your blog.

9 Effective Ways to Get Sponsored Posts for Your Blog

I’m sharing 9 winning strategies for you by means of which you will surely land a lot of quality sponsored posts for your blog. Just make sure that you never confuse sponsored posts with paid links.

1. Make Your Blog Visible on Google for the Longest Time Possible & See Those Sponsored Posts Coming Your Way

The one factor that works beautifully and effortlessly for getting sponsored posts on a blog is the visibility of your content.

The more visible your blogs on search engines like Google and Bing, the higher will be the chances of receiving good quality sponsored posts for your website.

How to get Sponsored posts on your blog

In the illustration above, you can clearly see how a post of mine on travel, secured rank one on Google and was able to fetch 6 more posts on the same website, all of which were sponsored. 

The income earned from 6 posts back to back is way more than what bloggers earn from Google Ad Sense or even better Ad networks. 

Hence, prioritise your ranks on Google and you will never have to worry about the question of how to get sponsored posts for your blog. The requests will flood your inbox.

2. Your Blog Should be the Ideal Web Space for Sponsored Posts Via Pinterest

As a Blogger if you have a good site as well as a decent Pinterest account, the chances of receiving sponsored posts are really high. 

There are millions of people on Pinterest who constantly look for promoting their work on legit web spaces. Therefore, if your blog fits in that category, you surely will receive sponsored posts and get paid.

3. Excellent Site Engagement Gets Bloggers Sponsored Posts as High as $250

A blog should be like a crowded market with lots of people. If you want to fetch sponsored posts on your blog, there needs to be a huge buzz around your content. So work on it.

Getting sponsored posts for your blog

An engaging site is a winning place for both the blog owner as well as for sponsors.

All my websites charge a minimum of $250 for every sponsored post that is published. In fact, I even managed to earn $250 for a sponsored post on my travel website despite the COVID disruption.

Engagement implies the behaviour of users on your blog – how much time are they spending, how much content they are consuming, are they leaving comments so on and so forth. Make this a priority.

4. Build Good Networking Skills Amidst Blogging Communities to Fetch Sponsored Posts

If networking is your thing, then make a list of the various blogging communities where you can find opportunities to receive sponsored posts on your blog.

IZEAx, and Seeding up are two such places. But there is one thing that you should ensure at all times. And that is to get sponsored posts only relating to your niche.

Do not publish posts that don’t reflect your niche under any circumstance.

5. Work So Hard on Your Existing Sponsored Posts that the Opportunities Keep Returning to You

Once you receive your first sponsored post and that performs well in terms of giving value to the sponsor, you will see the same sponsor returning again and again. 

How to get Sponsored posts on your blog

This is why bloggers should focus entirely on providing value to the sponsors when it comes to content. I mean this is only fair because you are getting paid for that content. So make sure it receives a lot of traction.

6.Look for Budding But Quality Bloggers on WordPress & Promote them

If you ever thought that working on the free version of WordPress is a waste of time, change your stance now. There are more quality bloggers that exist there than any other network.

Their only issue is visibility. Therefore, reach out to them via the comments section and pitch your blog to them. Exchange email IDS and take this process further.

Start by charging a nominal fee from them and maintain a good rapport with them over time. By promoting them, you increase your blog’s revenue and they enhance their visibility.

7.Create Your Content Awareness on Quora Organically for Getting Sponsored Blog Posts

Quora is just booming with sponsored posts opportunities at all times. And not just random opportunities but very qualitative ones

All you need to do to bag those sponsored posts from various individuals, brands and organisations from Quora is to create content on that platform that impacts people positively. 

Use Quora to get sponsored posts

8. Use Social Media as a Powerful Tool to Win Sponsored Posts for Your Site

From now when you use social media, make your time count there. Instead of putting precious time in creating content for the platform, create content for the right audience. 

Once your audience starts to engage with you, the requests you receive for sponsored posts will surprise you. By the way, the number of followers has nothing to do with quality engagement. 

9. Pitch Your Blog to Powerful Brands in your Industry & They Will Share Sponsored Posts With You

If you’re confident of your blog’s numbers and engagement, reach out to powerful brands in your industry. The chosen method of reaching out should be via their official email.

How to get sponsored posts for your blog

Learn to write effective emails and always attach your Media Kit along with the mail. Keeping a media kit handy will help you cast that first impression on a brand that is new to your enterprise.

I hope that all the points illustrated and explained by me above make sense to you now. Start adopting them and prioritise the key strategies that will fall in your favour.

Don’t Confuse Sponsored Posts with Paid Links

Before I wrap up, I just need to mention one extremely important thing – Sponsored Posts are not equal to Paid Links. So please do not get yourself penalised by Google for indulging is malpractices. 

If you want more clarity on this matter, feel free to watch my video on the same.

Work hard. Create value driven content and never get penalised. Remember, there are no shortcuts to success but the longer you stay in the game, the more skilled you will become at finding winning ways to monetise your blog.

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