A brilliant way to monetise your beautiful poems is by submitting your verse to card enterprises. Hence, you should know exactly which greeting card companies accept poetry submissions.

There exist 9 big card companies that not only accept submissions from poets but also pay them really well.

My current blog is all about helping you list these companies and then start pitching.

which greeting card companies accept poetry submissions

Which Credible Greeting Card Companies Accept Poetry Submissions in 2022?

Reach out to these 9 big names of the card industry and there won’t be any looking back for you.

1. Blue Mountain Arts Loves Paying Poets for Celebratory Cards

Blue Mountain Arts are hands down one of the most credible and decently paying card companies on the planet. They love poetry submissions that are contemporary. Also, written in a very warmly personalised way.

As a poet, write verse centred around specific holidays or occasions. You can also create everyday celebration cards. Just ensure that they speak to the heart.

Submission Guidelines for Blue Mountain Arts

2. Add Charming Humour in Poetry for Oatmeal Studios 

Not many people feel this way but poetry and humour go really well together. In fact, it is a great combination for readers. 

So, if you are loaded with humour and can transform it into poetry, go straight for Oatmeal Studios. They might take a while reverting back but they’re credible as an enterprise.

Submission Guidelines for Oatmeal Studios

3. Warner is the Perfect Place for Christmas Boxed Greeting Cards

Since times immemorial, religion and verse have gone hand in hand. And trust me, this trend is as much a part of our modern world as it was thousands of years ago.

Therefore, if you are a religious person and have faith in Christianity deeply, submit your cards to Warner Christian Resources.

Submission Guidelines for Warner

4.Submit Artwork, Photography & Poems to Amber Lotus

“Short and clever” is what Amber Lotus looks for in submissions for greeting cards.

When the question of, “which greeting card companies accept poetry submissions” arises Amber Lotus is quite sought after as a company. The reason being, they also accept artwork and photography.

Submission Guidelines for Amber Lotus

5. Earn $50-100 for Verse at Viabella

One of the versatile card companies for poetry submissions is Viabella based out of Massachusetts in the USA.

They pay decently to even first time writers and keep changing submission themes. They are choosy at what they pick and this is why work extra hard on your submissions.

Submission Guidelines for Viabella

6. Design & Write Verse for Card Gnome

Even though Card Gnome primarily looks for designs from people, it accepts poetry submissions as part of those designs. 

If you have your own blog, website or any strong online presence where your previous work can be tracked only then will Card Gnome consider you.

Submission Guidelines for Card Gnome

7. Send Heartwarming Scriptural Verse to Day Spring

Day Spring as a company is completely dedicated to publishing greeting cards as a Ministry.  Hope, encouragement and comfort are the three tenets around which Day Spring accepts submissions.

If you have faith in your heart, submit to Day Spring.

Submission Guidelines for Day Spring

8. Submit Bulk Poetry to Noble Works Cards

At Noble Works Cards, submissions by poets are accepted on a strict deadline basis. In fact, they even share dates occasion wise on their website throughout the year.

Crisp, funny limericks are loved by the team here.

Submission Guidelines for Noble Works Cards

9. ‘Sincere but Not Sentimental’ Poems are Accepted at RSVP

RSVP is an excellent place to submit modern relatable poetry. These guys don’t really like sentimental poetry. All they expect for you is to create poems for cards that connect with their audience.

At RSVP, along with poetry, you are also allowed to submit calendar ideas, card notes and even book proposals. 

Submission Guidelines for RSVP

Don’t even overthink for a second now whether your poetry will be accepted or not. Just check out these card companies and pitch your work.

If your verse gets accepted, you will end up making money for your hard work. If not, you will get better so as to not be rejected next time. Either way, there is something in store for you. 

If you’re looking for more ways to monetise through poetry, then scroll my blog on 19 rare ways to make money as a poet in 2022.

Akriti Mattu