Transforming your poetry into monetisation is a wonderful reality in 2023. As a genre, poetry has been picking up massively online.

If you are a dedicated poet who has been waiting to sustain yourself by means of your poems, now is the right time to explore opportunities.

I’ve been receiving a ton of requests in the mail from aspiring poets desiring to scale. This blog is committed to helping all of you lovely poets find a way.

Transforming poetry into monetisation

Transforming Your Poetry Into Monetisation in 2023

As a poet or a poetess, there exist numerous ways to help you take your poetic creations up a notch. All you need to do is dedicate yourself to different poetic forms and constantly innovate.

19 Extraordinary Paths to Start Earning Money From Writing Poetry

Explore these 19 unique paths for sustaining yourself by writing beautiful poetry.

1. Stand Out As An Instagram Based Visual Poet & Make Big Money

Instagram has given rise to a new genre of poetry known as Visual Poetry. Every day more aspiring poets sign up for Instagram just to share lovely pithy pieces of poetry.

Rupi Kaur Instagram Poetry

If the thought of Instagram being a frivolous platform for poets crossed your mind even for a second, let go off it right now. Instagram is not frivolous for poets. It is full of opportunities for aspiring poets and established ones alike.

Instagram Origin Poetess Rupi Kaur’s Milk & Honey has Become the Most Sold Book of ALL TIMES Leaving Behind Homer’s Odyssey

Did you know that the best selling poetry book of all times – Milk & Honey belongs to an Indian-Canadian Instagram Poetess – Rupi KaurDid you read that – “Of all time?”

This is huge because Rupi’s book has managed to leave behind a classic like Homer’s Odyssey

Rupi Kaur instagram poetess

All thanks to Instagram Poetry, as of now, Rupi’s book has been listed on The New York Times Best Seller list for 165 weeksRupi’s book has sold more than 3 million copies and is available in multiple languages.

She does worldwide events now and gets featured in top Talk ShowsAll this happened because she introduced a novice way of publishing poems on Instagram and is super driven as a poetess. 

2. Contribute Theme Based Verses to Upcoming Anthologies & Bag Yourself a Royalty 

Numerous Literary Magazines, Journals and Writing Websites offer a ton of choices for new poets to submit their work as part of a larger anthology.

Theme based anthologies such as the are a boon for poets who need their voices heard globally. 

Transform poetry into monetisation

A lot of Indie Writers publish books that comprise of collections of poems by new poets. By being a part of Anthologies such as these, you not only get paid well but even get recognised by readers around the world for that book.

You are paid either as a lump-sum amount or provided royalty out of the total profit.

Trust me, there cannot be a better way to incentivize your effort than to get published, featured and monetised in an Anthology.

3. Write Profound Poetic Pieces that Get Picked by Campaigns Run by Major Brands like Gucci

The one quality that millennial and Gen Z poets need to master is profoundness. But if you already are the kind of person whose poetry isn’t superficial but profound, you have got to take your activism a notch up and tie up with brands and campaigns.

Poetry Written by American Poetess Cleo Wade Made it to Gucci’s ‘Chime for Change Campaign’

Cleo Wade’s poems are full of love, depth and meaning. Her activism and thoughts towards issues are easily reflected in them. And so, her readers lover her. So do major brands.

No wonder, Cleo was the right person to be picked by Gucci for their campaign – Chime for Change.

Women of the world campaign and Cleo Wade

cleo wade ties up with gucci

Cleo Wade isn’t an entitled person. She is a self made poet who has transformed her career as a person from the fashion world to the poetic world.

You can do exactly the same. All you need to start is be visible to your readers by means of extraordinary work.

Cleo Wade is a highly earning poet

How would you feel about your poems being picked up by a brand as huge as Gucci and impacting an entire campaign ? Well, be visible online, commit to a cause that you genuinely feel strongly about and write from your heart.

Trust me, you will get noticed if you truly add value to people’s lives by your words.

4. Write Verses for Greeting Card Companies & Make Your Poetry Profitable

Any poet who is compassionate enough to understand the people around should most certainly look for monetising opportunities at Greeting Card companies.

Did you know that companies pay talented poets to write for greeting cards?

Here’s an inspiring stance by a poetess who was struggling as a Writer before she found the right companies to write for as a Greeting Card Poetess.

experience writing for greeting cards

Poetry writing for greeting cards

Instead of writing and trying to self sell greeting cards comprising your poetry, reach out to companies that will pay you very well for contributing to their company and merchandise collections.

5. Have Your Poetry Pieces Imprinted on Already Selling Handmade Items on Etsy

Not every poem needs to be sold in a literary circle. There exist pieces of poetry that are consumed in strange ways by the artists and corporates alike.

Etsy is one such place where you can get your poetry imprinted and earn per product sold. Poetic pieces on coasters, fridge magnets, hard diary covers, belts, tiles, pendants, jewellery and even ribbons are very popular on Etsy.

I’m sharing a picture of a Bracelet from Etsy that has a poem imprinted on it.

Transforming your poetry into monetisation on Etsy

Etsy gives you the option to contact ‘Shop Owners.’ And so, write to them, and try to get a good deal for your products. Always keep samples ready to show.

By selling poetry on Etsy, you will not only enhance somebody’s product but also learn a new skill – pitching to a potential client and making a sale.

The world will always stay open to poetry as long as you are willing to adapt yourself to new technologies. Therefore, adapt and transform your verses accordingly.

6. Write Beautiful Christian Poetry for ‘Notes’ in YouVersion’s Bible App

If you’re a poet who has faith and practises teachings of the Holy Bible religiously, you should surely be writing poetic verses in the ‘Notes’ section of the Bible App.

The Bible App by YouVersion has 430 million plus downloads already. Hence, just imagine the reach your Christian verses will get if you work hard and stand out there.

Transforming your poetry into monetisation

The Bible App has ensured that easy accessibility of the verses from the scripture as well as from poets globally in a world fast forgetting religion.

7. Tie Up with a Melodist & Offer Your Lyrical Poetry for Making Music

In the digital age, when more and more people are moving towards newer forms of music that is a product of lesser known voices, end up being a Songwriter.

Every beautiful song needs wonderful lyrics for it to be composed. So be that person who can write those wonder lyrics. You cannot even begin imagining the opportunities that are in store for poets who are able to write lyrics.

I Saw My Poetic Lyrics Convert into Songs and So Can You

A few years ago, I saw my verse being transformed into songs. Trust me, you can do the same. Here’s a little sneak peek of the lyrics that I shared in one of my Instagram posts.

View this post on Instagram

THE JOURNEY COUNTS . . . From being a Blogger for fun back in 1999 for ‘Shvoong’ to bagging freelance opportunities abroad to starting a personal blog for venting out in 2007 to ending up writing music under a major label as big as Paramount Studios in 2014-2015 to building a startup for travel writers to finally launching a major digital platform at the end of this month makes me look back with nostalgia. . . . Received a message from a friend today. He sent me the first set of lyrics I’d ever composed in my life. I never thought of myself as a poetess but the Corporate world thought differently. So I hopped on, learnt, learnt, learnt and never looked back. . . . Anybody who ever took up writing knows how much it takes to ‘arrive’ in the digital world. But I guess the most resilient amongst us know that the key is to get started, get moving past the most dangerous road blocks and finally commit to your calling. . . . This is a picture of me taken in my current city Bangalore after I’d returned from the States. I’d left behind opportunities there to get back to my roots and enter the startup world. This one decision transformed my life. Truly did. And so I’m grateful for every single person who has contributed in making ‘me’ into the current version of my ‘self.’ 🍂

A post shared by Akriti Mattu (@akritimattu) on


Back in the Fall of 2014, I received the opportunity to transform my poetry into 5 songs under the Label of Paramount Studios. And this one opportunity changed so much for me. If I was able to bag this opportunity, so can you.

Interestingly, the poetic pieces never got converted into songs in English. However, they got translated into 7 different languages and left me dumbstruck. I’ve long moved on in my life since then but I still receive a royalty on all five till this date.

And this is something I’d love for all of you to achieve as well. Keep an open mind and look forward to pitch your songs to record labels, music libraries and recording artists.

8. Recite Kid Friendly Limericks on YouTube & See Your Earnings Rise

Are you the kind of person who can tickle children’s funny bones? If yes, invest quality time in coming up with limericks for children. 

The market for selling limericks for children is huge. Also, competitive. So do a lot of research understanding exactly what kids will like. Start by composing limericks for the children of your neighbourhood. Observe their early reactions.

YouTube Has Become the Most Used Platform for Kids

Once you’re sure of what is it that kids like, start with YouTube. As per a study by Kidsscreen, YouTube is the most popular platform used by children.

Kids Screen Report on kids and social media

Your channels traction will keep growing over time thereby transforming your poetry into monetisation.

9. Monetise Your Poetry on Quora by Mastering the Art of Building Spaces

If there exists one platform that not only allows you to write, share and review poetic pieces but also get hugely visible to publishers, celebrities and brands and monetise, it is Quora hands down.

There is a feature on Quora known as Spaces. You can either create your own or be a Contributor in somebody else’s space or simply submit to spaces with Admin approval.

Transforming your poetry into monetisation

Spaces are basically communities on Quora for people who think alike.

Make Your Poetry Visible to the Writing World & Leading Publishers on Quora

By being a part of a space for Poetry, your chances of becoming visible to publishers and important people from the Writing World peak by the day. Once you get comfortable sharing poetry in spaces created by others, make one of your own. By that time, your audience will already know you well.

By the way, I run a Travel Space on Quora with close to half million members. If you feel you’d like to share poetic pieces on Travel, I’ll be happy accepting your submissions.

10. Consider Composing Micro Poems and Take Them to the World of Pets

One very strange but extremely increasing market for poets is the pet industry. Sound unexpected ? Well it isn’t because pet friendly products are making use of poetry more than ever to appeal the consumers.

If you happen to own a pet yourself and love animals, go ahead with this fast growing genre. Compose micro poetry on pets and submit them to pet shops – online as well as offline in your locality.

Memorial poetry for pets is a huge online

Lucy Gilmore is runs a pet store on Etsy. It goes by the name – Hidden Meow Art. The entire store comprises of memorial and inspiring poems on pet. 

Pet Poetry

You can do the same or just tie up with store owners and license your poetic pieces.

Your poems will be inscribed on pet cute pet products and will be purchased by consumers. In fact, you can even get little fancy diaries published exclusively on pets, tie up with pet shops and sell them to die hard pet lovers.

11. Make Strong Connections in the Poetic Circles on WordPress

Anybody who ever started a blog knows the value of using WordPress as a platform. However, don’t just use WordPress for random writing. Use it for niche based poetry. You don’t even need to host the blog. You can sign up on WordPress for free.

Get Your Poems Picked by WordPress Itself During Month Long Campaigns

WordPress as a platform encourages poets from all countries. And so, if you are somebody who is consistent in writing poems, WordPress will surely pick your work, feature it on its own blog and make it visible across.

Poetry on WordPress

The poetic circles on WordPress will provide you numerous opportunities as a budding poet. These range from getting featured to bagging monetising opportunities in collections of poems and co-authoring books.

Here’s a poem that was picked by WordPress and featured on its blog, thereby providing a very good online visibility to the poetess – Summer Pierre.

Poetry picked by WordPress

12. Write Paid Poetry Captions for the Local Florist

The world needs more empaths now more than ever since we’re facing the worst pandemic. Contribute your bit by writing heartfelt pieces of poetic captions on compassion, love, healing and oneness. 

Transform your poetry into monetisation by earning on every bouquet sold along with your caption card attached with it.

If there is one thing that goes magnificently well along with bouquets of flowers, it is handwritten caption cards. You don’t even need to invest on anything major. Just buy Cardstock, cut it into small pieces, write and hand it over to your Florist.

13. Recite Poetry on YouTube

YouTube is a very good platform for reciting poetry. The best way that will help you transforming your poetry into monetisation is by launching your own YouTube channel. Base it around a theme and be regular.

Currently, YouTube is thriving with poets, their recitals and even performances.

Dottie James is a very talented poetess on YouTube. Her pieces are either read out loud by her or are musical. 

Transforming your poetry into monetisation

Dottie runs the entire poetry channel on her own. However, there are ton of other powerful channels on YouTube that cater to poets and poetesses globally. Read Poetry is one such channel. It’s a community for talented poets and poetesses. 

One thing you need to be careful on YouTube is to never get penalised for music copyright violation. So if you intend to use background music while reciting poetry, use the free music from YouTube Music Library.

14. Discover the Gateway to Monetising Your Poems by Collaborating with Wedding Planners

There are a ton of companies and agencies worldwide that plan weddings for couples. And they’re always on the lookout for fresh ideas. After all, the wedding business is about creativity.

So make a list of wedding planners in your city or town. Start reaching out to them through their website or email. Keep a Media Kit handy.

Jessie Douglas Launched An Entire Business by Writing Wedding Poetry and So Can You

Jessie Douglas earns thousands of dollars each year by writing poetry for weddings of famous people.

She first wrote poems for her own wedding and then eventually launched an entire business around it.

Transforming your poetry into monetisation

By writing poetic pieces for weddings, you will get access to a huge market. And your experience as a poet in the field will keep on growing.

Share your work actively on social media so that more and more people know your niche as a poet.

15. Earn Well from Writing Poetry for Interiors of Co-Working Spaces, Homes and Restaurants

At a time when being creative and artsy is the new normal, you as a poet have got to let your poetry be imprinted on walls and people’s hearts forever.

The contemporary decor of Co-Working spaces, Homes and Restaurants is slowly moving towards personalisation. And so, you must reach out to professionals like Interior Decorators, Architects and Owners of Restaurants and pitch your poetic pieces.

You will be surprised by the outcome. 

Hence please start looking for the right decors in your city or even outside and pitch. Do not consider it like a lot of work. If you need your poetry imprinted on commercial walls, it is only fair that you work hard for it.

16. Create Poetic Drama for the World’s Biggest Theatres

Poetic Drama, also known as Verse Drama uses dialogues in the form of poetic rhymes. Some of the world’s greatest theatres are constantly on the lookout for fresh scripts from budding writers.

Look For Poetry Writing Opportunities for Musicals at Places Like the Royal Court 

The International Playwrights Programme can prove good for you if poetry plus drama both fascinate you. They keep updating their site for new scripts.

Transforming your poetry into monetisation

Since very few people in the world are able to compose good poetic drama, there is a lot of opportunity who are actually passionate about verse being performed on stage.

If you closely follow performances yourself, you can even suggest the entire cast along with your script while submitting. Start by submitting to local theatres and then slowly expand your reach.

You can even start by submitting scripts to schools, colleges and universities. 

17. Be the Subaltern Poetic Voice Behind Merchandise Being Sold by Big Brands

The world has reached a point in time where the subaltern voice matters. And who better than subaltern poets to share that voice ? 

Some of the world’s leading brands are now collaborating with budding subaltern poets. Their poetry is being printed on merchandise and reached out to more and more people.

As a budding poet, you can not only earn money by such collaborations but also get your voice heard in the world.

18. Transform Your Loyal Readers into Consumers By Becoming An Indie Poet

If you’ve been running a blog for a while that seems to have connected with the masses (and not your friends alone), or if you have a decent organic following on a platform, it’s time to turn into an Indie Poet.

There is a subtle difference between an Indie Poet and a Self Publishing Poet. However, the essence is the same.

2023 is Being Hailed as the Year of the Independent Author

There is a strong upsurge of Indie Poets. The number has increased significantly this year i.e. 2023. This is good news for so many aspiring poets.

You choose to publish your work yourself. And since you already have a loyal audience, it is bound to sell. The more connected your audience to your blog, the higher is the likelihood of your Poetry Bookselling fast. 

19. Allow the Open Mic Nights at Your Favourite Cafe in Transforming Your Poetry into Monetisation 

There are countless cafes and poetry clubs around the world that invite passionate poets for their open mic nights.

An open mic is a LIVE performance where people can share their artistic work. In your case, it will be a poem.

Whether you are in downtown New York, or in a liberating city like Tel Aviv, or in the urbanised landscape of Cape Town or in my startup city – Bengaluru, you will find plenty of Open Mic opportunities for reading out your poetry and getting paid.

There is no dearth of opportunities for poets at Open Mic Nights in these contemporary times. The real issue that needs to get addressed is whether you are pushing yourself outside the walls of your comfort zone to face people and share your work.

I say – “Go, do it.”

In a world that is going completely digital, the choices for poetesses and poets to publish their work is just endless. All you need for transforming your poetry into monetisation is an open mind ready to explore possibilities that you didn’t even know exist.

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Akriti Mattu