Are you an artist or a creative individual looking for reaching out to the world? Have you ever wondered, “How do I get my art published in a magazine?”

If yes, here’s your chance. BE. is inviting art submissions to get featured on the cover and inside our E-Magazine.

BE. Art Submissions

How do I Get My Art Published in BE. E-Magazine?

In order to get your artwork published as well as featured by us, understand our guidelines and send your submissions.

Prioritise originality, quality and innovation above everything else.

Guidelines for Submitting Art Work at BE.

1. Submit your original art work only that involves a lot of thought and imagination.
2. Your art work should not be published in any Magazine or Website before.
3. Stick to the theme. The theme for our upcoming October Issue is ‘Festivity’
4. Your entry can be in the form of a painting, sketch or illustration.
5. Your art work should be done manually and not digitally.
6. Use #BEArtSubmissions on Instagram and post your artwork with your signature on it.
7. Take a clear picture of your work before submitting it.
8. Only members of BE. Community are allowed to send submissions. So join the BE. Community first.
9. Follow @bloggingelementary on Instagram & tag us so that your submission doesn’t get lost.
10. Once your submissions are selected from Instagram, we will reach out to you.
11. Any entry not using the hashtag will not be considered for further evaluation.
12. Entries submitted via email or WhatsApp will not be approved.

The Theme of Festivity

The theme for the fourth edition of the BE. E-Magazine to be released in October is Festivity. Therefore, artists are requested to submit their artwork keeping this theme in mind only. 

No other theme will be accepted.

Last Date to Submit Your Artwork at BE.

The last date to submit your Art Work is October 22, 2021.

Any submission received after October 22, 2021 will not be accepted.

Allow Your Art Work to Reach the World Through BE.

As a team, we stand behind artists 100%. And therefore we will ensure that your artwork reaches out to the right people. 

If your artwork gets selected, we will feature it in our E-Magazine. And if your art stands out from the rest, it will be showcased on the cover of the Fall Issue of our E-Magazine. 

Attention Writers – Grab this Inspiring Opportunity

We are inviting submissions from passionate Writers. Make it to the 4th Edition of our E-Magazine. 

Akriti Mattu