Looking for the ideal outfit of the day captions for Instagram is critical for engaging users on IG.

And thus, I have brought for you an assorted and original collection of 99 irresistible OOTD captions and OOTD quotes for Instagram.

Use them and see people drooling all over your posts.

OOTD Captions for Instagram

99 Irresistible Outfit of the Day Captions for Instagram

“How do you caption an outfit post” seems to be the hard pressing question for most Instagrammers these days.

And since you’ve come to the right place, all you need to do to address that question is o scroll down and discover 99 fantastic OOTD captions ideas for Instagram.

1. A style statement needs two things- Attitude that’s sassy and Outfit that’s classy.
2. None of the clothes and accessories gonna work if you forget to wear your confidence!
3. East or West, Dressed to the Best!
4. Fashionistar💫
5. I am my own celebrity.
6. A killer look is my weapon of choice.
7. They said to wear some positivity, so I did.
8. I dress up for men (minus the ‘n’)
9. It’s not a good outfit as long as it doesn’t speak for you. Loud.
10. The most dashing diva needs the most dashing dress. And vice versa.
11. Fashion that’s conscious, is the fashion that lives.
12. People like to drink champagne. I like to wear it.
13. It’s never too hot for blazers.
14. Not all princesses wear gowns…. Some wear jumpsuits!

Unique OOTD Captions To Flaunt Your Style

15. Outfit that outlives all the trends.
16. Every woman is a queen in her favorite dress 👑
17. Wear what turns all the roads into ramp walk.
18. Goddess Of All Dress.
19. Me as soon as my crush calls over.
20. The glitters of my gown glow as if I am wrapped up in the blanket of the galaxy 🌌
21. Glance the grace of ethnic elegance….
22. Your outfit should not only suit your body, but also your personality.
23. My body is blessed with this dress today….
24. A perfect shade of lipstick can elevate the beauty of the outfit to the whole next level.
25. Clothes are the reflection of our personality.
26. I ain’t a model but these heels make me catwalk naturally.
27. Wearing my favorite color is my way to happiness.
28. Sassy. Savage. Stunning. Stylish.

Engaging Outfit of the Day Quotes & Captions

29. Glamour is not in the price tag, but in the aura with which you carry that dress.
30. The mirror must be jealous of seeing me in all such gorgeous outfits everyday!
31. Go check if they’ve laid the red carpet yet.
32. She is the canvas and her dress the painting.
33. Your attitude is as much part of your look as is the dress.
34. Felt like wearing a valley of flowers today.
35. Are my shorts too short? Oh at least not as short as your mind.
36. Freedom is incomplete without the freedom to wear WHATEVER THE HELL YOU WANT!
37. “Modesty is the jewellery of a woman”- No thanks, I prefer real jewellery.
38. Grace The Dress…
39. It’s not the dress that makes you beautiful, it’s YOU who makes the dress beautiful.
40. Smile is the perfect ornament for this garment 🙃
41.  What you wear, must inspire.

What to Caption a OOTD Picture?

42. Fashion is the art, music and poetry of the body.
43. Clothes are what we see, Fashion is what we perceive.
44. Dear Dress, thank you for being fabulous!
45. I am my own celebrity.
46. Embroideries and Embellishments amplify the Enchantment.
47. Did I just hypnotize you with this striking attire?
48. Gracious & Gorgeous, That Girl Is Glamorous
49. I don’t believe in fairies, but I always dress up to be one🧚‍♀️
50. No, it’s not my birthday. I just like wearing awesome clothes.
51. Ain’t ‘OUTSTANDING’ the abbreviation of OUTfit that’s STANDING out?
52. Stop being a mess, go grab a dress!
53. It’s too short of a life to wear boring clothes.
54. Who needs a treasure box when you’ve got a treasure closet!
55. Bright colors for a brighter day 💛

Perfect Outfit of the Day Instagram Captions

56. Every Queen Has Her Own Signature Outfit.
57. T-Shirt is how you wear a poster.
58. No match for this match.
59. Layer up a lethal look.
60. Can’t take your eyes off? Well, neither me.
61. Slay girl is here to stay!
62. Just look at that beauty! Ah yes, and also the dress she is wearing.
63. Dress well, Smell good, Work Hard, Radiate Confidence… And always be your own boss.
64. It ain’t a party if I ain’t dressed up like it’s the last day of my life.
65. Bless the dress with your grace…
66. The stars gonna envy me for how I’m going to shine tonight 💫
67. The right attitude can make even the most boring outfit sexy!
68. Lemme show you how we rock that dress!
69. Money spent on a fabulous ‘fit ‘is money well spent.
70. I like it, I wear it, I kill it.

Trending Outfit of the Day Instagram Quotes

71. Ready for the date! Just me and my dress 💃
72. Dress up to the top!
73. Stunning Outfit- check, Gorgeous Hair- check, Glam Makeup- check, Killer Attitude- check. Okay, I’m ready!
74. Fashion Is How I Express.
75. Embrace The Dress.
76. You are more beautiful in the dress you love 💗
77. Ready?…. Yeah, just gimme 2 minutes.
78. I don’t like to be disturbed when I’m dressing up.
79. Every Week Is Fashion Week. 
80. I got a raise! Look at those heels!
81. Me: I ain’t got anything to wear! Also Me-
82. All that glitters ain’t gold. It can be silver too!
83. Do we really need a reason to dress up nice?
84. Everyone deserves a good outfit on the weekends!

Best Instagram Captions for OOTD

85. If I were Cinderella, this is what I would have asked my Fairy Godmother for…
86. My sense of style is the lovechild of ethnic and aesthetic
87. Drape The Royal Fabric Princess 👑
88. Dare To Wear Iconic.
89. Whatever that’s comfortable, is stylish.
90. Walk is dance in a beautiful dress. 
91. Style meets different definitions in different people.
92. Don’t follow trends, be the trend.
93. Sneak in more Sneakers please.
94. Some dress to express, some dress for beauty, some dress coz they just got to, and some dress to rebel. Which one are you?
95. Rule Over The Ramp.
96. You buy clothes, but you CREATE style.
97. Spotlight On Me!
98. Dress is what the mood is.
99. The season of hats is never over.

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Zanhya Aldaine