Reasons, why your blog isn’t growing fast enough, must be addressed in order to pace your journey. And let me tell you that overthinking won’t help you. Finishing what you started will.

In the past decade, I’ve had numerous Bloggers reach out to me and ask me one question repeatedly, “Akriti, why isn’t my blog growing rapidly?” And each time, I’ve responded by telling them, “Let us analyse.”

Reasons Why your blog isn't growing

58 Crucial Reasons Why Your Blog Isn’t Growing Fast?

The number of months or years that you’ve invested in your blog won’t matter if you don’t analyse the reasons why your blog isn’t growing fast enough.

Therefore, it’s time to address, understand and figure out the age old problem of blogs not pacing enough quickly.

1. Your Frequency of Publishing Blog Posts is Very Low

Any blog that does not publish blogs regularly will be completely wiped out from Google search and also from people’s memories. And hence, it is mandatory that the frequency of publishing blogs is high. 

 Frequency Of Publishing Blog Posts is Very Low

If you face a time crunch, publish at least 2 blogs a week. If you have more flexibility with time, publish one blog daily, six times a week. Remember, your job as a Blogger is to roll quality content. So, do it.

2. A Well Defined Niche is Missing From Your Blog

No matter how much you like writing random stuff, you will have to find a dedicated niche for you blog. This right here will be a turning point for you. A niche is a specialised area in writing around which your entire blog is centred.

Mistakes to avoid as a Blogger

I highly insist that you spend a good amount of time in looking for a niche that suits your writing. Make sure your niche selection is based on two primary factors – knowledge and interest.

3. You Are Avoiding Blogging In Your Native Language

I cannot stress enough the significance of choosing your native tongue as a Blogger. In fact, there exist 23 leading advantages for Native Language Bloggers.

Whichever language you are comfortable in should be the language in which you should start your blog.

You Are Avoiding Blogging In Your Native Language

By choosing English despite not having a grip over it, you are hurting yourself and your blogging acumen. Hence, embrace your native language and start blogging in your mother tongue if that makes you comfortable.

4. Google’s EAT Update Is Unknown To You

As a Blogger you have got to be aware of Google’s extremely important ‘concept’ – EAT. Here, E stands for Expertise. A stands for Authority. T stands for Trustworthiness.

Reasons why your blog isn't growing

To simplify this for you, EAT expects content creators and Bloggers to prove their niche credibility to Google. Most bloggers don’t even know about EAT. This right here is the problem.

5. You Lack Consistency As A Blogger

One of the most critical reasons why your blog isn’t growing is because you are not consistent as a Blogger. You tend to write as per your own wish and are not disciplined enough to create and publish posts regularly.

Mistakes to avoid as a Blogger

You cannot expect a spurt in your blog’s growth without investing time in creating quality content. And so, if you’re inconsistent as a Blogger, get back to your blog right now and start spending more time there.

6. You Are Wasting Time Writing For Other Websites

A lot of good writers keep adding value to numerous other websites but never their own. This is plain sad. Instead of writing for others, write for your blog and see it grow.

Mistakes that Bloggers should avoid

Remember, no matter how much content you create for any other website, you will never see your blog growing because of it. Hence, channelise your energy into writing for your own blog. 

7. Lack Of Community Building As A Blogger

One of the very critical but lesser-known reasons why your blog isn’t growing is because of a lack of community around it. What this implies is that your blogs are not impacting people at all.

And so no community exits around them.  Building a community on growth driven platforms like Quora, Reddit, and YouTube is a must for Bloggers.

Mistakes bloggers need to avoid

I built a Travel Blogging Community on Quora for my last venture. It currently comprises of half a million plus members from around the world. It is now the largest travel community there. It is driven by active members and is growing by the day. This right should here is why you should build a community as well.

8. You Tend To Link Your Blog’s Growth To Likes on Social Media

Just because you have a decent following on social media does not mean that your blog will grow. In fact, this is among the very common reasons why your blog isn’t growing.

Reasons why your blog isn't growing

Ideally, your blog should be so credible that each time a person visits your blog, she or he should fall in love with your writing and then follow you across social media. However, the opposite is never true.

9. Your Blog Started As A Copy Of Another Blogger’s Work

One of the very disappointing reasons why your blog isn’t growing is that you never started an original blog. You copied off somebody else’s website design, niche and content strategy. 

Reasons why your blog isn't growing

A copy pasted blog is no blog at all. It is fraud purely. And Google will see right through it. When that happens, you will sit at a place where your blog get can blacklisted from Google and other search engines.

10. Not Being Able To Update Previous Blog Posts

Many times, Bloggers out rightly ignore posts from the past. Those posts despite being good and engaging are neither updated nor modified as time goes by.  And this is one of the most crucial reasons why your blog isn’t growing fast enough.

Reasons why your blog isn't growing

No matter how many new posts you create, always keep checking on your previous posts as well. Do it at least once every three months.

11. The Perfectionist Inside You Is Taking Over All Profitability

If you happen to be a perfectionist, there is a high possibility that you will end up disrupting your blog. Reason being, that you are a slow plodder. You will waste so much time perfecting everything that you’ll totally miss out on scaling your blog.

The Perfectionist Inside You Is Taking Over All Profitability

Remember – Perfection is the end of profitability. And so avoid focusing on having everything perfect. What you should do instead is hustle, get your blogs out a lot often and excel at being a content creator.

12. Your Writing Is Not Persuasive At All

One of the very significant reasons why your blog isn’t growing is probably because you are not persuasive in your writing. As a Blogger, you have got to master the skill of Persuasive Writing. 


  I insist that all of you start refining your language, upgrading knowledge and mastering your niche. A blogger who lacks conviction has really got to level up his/her game.

13. You Have Chosen Faulty Hosting Over A Credible One

A good hosting provider is as important for your blog as oxygen is to the human body. And hence you cannot take the hosting of your blog lightly.  If you’re on WordPress and using the free version, your blog is hosted there by default.

 You Have Chosen Faulty Hosting Over A Credible One

But if you really want to grow your blog and keep it professional, you will have to switch to a better hosting provider like Bluehost.

14. Google Search Console Has Not Been Configured On Your Blog

As a budding professional Blogger, you should ensure that Google Search Console is properly configured and verified with your blog. Your blog’s Site Map should be synced with it correctly.


Google Search Console helps in indexing your blog posts and pages on Google. In case you’re new to the concept, read about Google Search Console here.

15. You Are Neglecting Organic Traffic Completely

Let us get one thing straight – In order for you to make it big as a Blogger, you have got to stay visible on all search engines especially Google. Hence, organic traffic has to be high on your blog.

You Are Neglecting Organic Traffic Completely

So if you haven’t begun to take Google seriously, take it now. By ignoring Google completely and focusing only on social media you are ruining the chances of your blog to grow higher, faster, and swifter.

16. You Are Scared Of WordPress And Have Opted Out

WordPress is hands down one of the most credible and growth-oriented blogging platform for individuals. The best part is that you can start a blog there for free. 


Therefore, prioritise WordPress as a content management system. Sign up your blog on WordPress itself. Do not allow the fear to learn it well stop you from scaling your blog.

17. Taking Too Long To Switch To Professional Blogging

There are millions of Bloggers around our planet who despite being good writers never see success in blogging. One of the major reasons for this unfortunate trend is that these people never switch to professional blogging.


If you as a Blogger wants to really enter the game and see success, you will have to enter professional blogging and learn it well. It will work in your favour and success will be at your doorstep.

18.  Social Media Approval Is More Important To You Than Publishing New Blogs

Now, this is both scary and sad. People who seek validation on social media for their pictures and video, end up losing an enormous amount of time. This exact time could have been invested in creating content that would be consumed by your readers.


Stop wasting time seeking more likes and followers. Instead, choose to earn those same likes and followers on your own blog. And that will not happen if you shy away from active writing.

19. No Content Strategy Has Been Designed For Your Blog

You cannot possibly grow your blog to the next level without having a proper content strategy in mind. Before you commit to blogging, choose a niche and construct a decent content strategy around it.


Map all the topics on a Google Sheet or Excel Sheet. Keep following these exact content strategy and set deadlines for yourself.

20. You Do Not Understand SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. SEO essentially is the practice of shaping up your blog in such a way that more and more of your posts appear higher on search engines like Google.

Things to know before starting a new blog

By earning higher ranks, you will be able to drive a lot of traffic from search engines. And the visibility of your blog will be high. By not understanding SEO, bloggers do themselves a huge disservice. 

21. Quality Backlinks Are Absent On Your Blog

Organic Backlinks are links that are earnt by your blog from across websites because the quality of your content is superior. This is a major factor for the growth of your blog.


A lot of people pay websites to receive backlinks from them. Avoid this practice because it is not allowed by Google. Create excellent content that gets quoted on the internet and your blog will automatically win good backlinks.

 22. Expecting Money Without Being Regular At Creating Content

You must have heard the famous proverb, “No pains, no gains.” Well, it holds true for blogging as well. If you are expecting to earn from your blog and not making any efforts, you are being ignorant.


Money will flow from your blog to your bank account only when you work hard enough. Overthinking about money all the time without making efforts is being ignorant. Please do not fall into this category.

23. Confusing Micro Blogging With Niche Blogging

Micro Blogging and Niche Blogging are two very different concepts. Both have their unique benefits but only if you know which one to use and when? 

reasons why your blog isn't growing

As a beginner start with Niche blogging and dedicate yourself to it completely.  Start investing time on Micro Blogging only when you have a large enough following with whom your credibility is established.

24. You are Unable To Justify Your Writing And Niche

As a Blogger if you cannot justify your writing, you’re in for some serious trouble. Whatever aspects you cover in your blog, you should be able to justify them completely.

reasons why your blog isn't growing

You cannot write about something you don’t know. You are expected to write about those things which keep you interested and are a part of personal or professional life in some way.

25. Your Blogs Lack Personalisation

The personalisation of blogs is a defining factor in driving its growth. Hence the absence of personalisation becomes one of the strong reasons why your blog isn’t growing fast enough.

reasons why your blog isn't growing

Include everyday examples, your pictures, your learning, experiences from the past – everything in your blog. Unless you open yourself up to the world, your blog will never be able to open up to growing amounts of traffic.

26. Poor Time Management Is Why Your Blog Isn’t Growing Fast Enough

One of the top skills needed in our age is time management. As a growing Blogger, you need this more than anyone else. Whether you are a homemaker or in a job or self-employed – time management is a skill that you must learn.

Reasons why your blog isn't growing

Bloggers who know how to manage their time despite running on jam-packed schedules grow fast and end up dominating their space. Be amongst such Bloggers.

27. Dependant Blindly On Keyword Tools For Creating Content

The internet is flooded with keyword tools. Some of them are good and some just average. However, none of them have accurate data. These tools will prove bad for your site.

Reasons why your blog isn't growing

Primarily they are meant for companies and individuals who earn traffic by means of running advertisements using these keyword tools to get the average search volume. As Bloggers, create a niche-based content strategy.

28. Your Blogs Display Monotony In Writing To Your Readers

No matter how good a writer you are, digital content is a different league altogether. Therefore, learn to create content in such a way that it breaks all existing monotony for you as a Blogger.

Reasons why your blog isn't growing

Make use of original images, engaging graphics, bullet points, buttons and boxes wherever needed. It is your job to make your readers engage with your content.

29. Trying To Look For Shortcuts As Opposed to Learning Concepts Inside Out

Once you enter the world of blogging, you should take it upon yourself to learn all the concepts that surround it. By understanding, learning and mastering these concepts, you will help in scaling your blog higher and higher.

Reasons why your blog isn't growing

Blogging isn’t just random writing. It includes hundreds of very interesting concepts. You as a Blogger should know all of them if you really want to make money from your blog.

30. You Want A Piece Of Everything Without Working Hard

If you are the kind of individual who wants a piece of everything without putting in the effort where it matters most, then it will be next to impossible for your blog to grow.

Reasons why your blog isn't growing

Before you stay active on social media trying to be a pseudo Influencer or launch your own brand or be all over TikTok, at least commit to that one thing that will actually take your higher. And that will be writing and publishing.

31. The Writing Pangs Within You Range From Very Low To Very High

If you are one of those people who is finding it hard to restore your balance when it comes to writing, take your time. Detox your mind and thoughts.

Reasons why your blog isn't growing

Once that happens, resume writing. Never allow the writing pangs within you to move from extreme lows to extreme highs. Don’t ever be too excited or too subdued. Strike a balance and stay stable as a Blogger. 

32. Wasting Precious Resources On A Facebook Page

This might come as a shock but no matter how many followers you have on your Facebook page, they won’t really help in your blog’s growth.

Reasons why your blog isn't growing

In recent years, the average traffic received on blogs through Facebook Pages have dipped year after year. So do not waste your precious time and effort on creating a Facebook Page. It will not help you.

33. Making Instagram Your Go-to Traffic Buddy

Just like Facebook, Instagram too isn’t the best option for Niche Bloggers. This becomes a crucial factor in today’s world because most Bloggers are hooked to Instagram.

Reasons why your blog isn't growing

Remember, until you have a minimum of 10,000 loyally earned followers, Instagram will not allow you to make your posts there clickable. And so, people will scroll your profile and bounce off. But they will never visit your blog.

34. You Are Blogging Because You ‘Have To’ & Not Because You ‘Want To’ Blog

One of the very important reasons why your blog isn’t growing fast enough is disinterestedness. If you started blogging just because it’s in trend or perhaps your friends starting writing, then stop it now.

Reasons why your blog isn't growing

Unless your heart is in it, you won’t really commit to your blog. And so, why start when you don’t want to pull it off? Either commit to blogging completely or don’t start. Either way, use your time constructively.

35. Lacking Patience Is Why Your Blog Isn’t Growing Fast Enough

One indisputable quality that all Bloggers must imbibe is patience. Unless you are patient as an individual, you won’t ever be able to stay in the game. You won’t even be able to take challenges as they come.

Reasons why your blog isn't growing

Remember, success requires patience. And patience doesn’t just simply waiting. It implies using your time constructively and making your way close to success.

36. You Are Increasingly Getting Lost In The Noise

One of the sad reasons why your blog isn’t growing is because you are getting lost in the noise as a Blogger. You are copying trends started by others. You are following pseudo influencers.

Blogging Elementary

You are seeking validation on social media. You are even hoping to get published on platforms to get famous. But in all of this, you are shifting your focus away from quality blogging and ending up stagnating your blog.

37. Reaching Out To The Wrong Mentors

Either try learning blogging on your own or reach out to Mentors who have established credibility by means of their own success.

Blogging Elementary

Make sure that the advice you are seeking works in your favour and is not sugar-coated. Hence, look for people who can direct you properly or keep learning blogging on your own. The end goal should be to learn, rise and shine.

38. Scrolling Inadequate Websites For Direction

Just like seeking credible Mentors it is of paramount importance to gain knowledge from quality websites only. The internet has no dearth of material on Blogging. However, pick and choose wisely.

Blogging Elementary

Do not visit a website just because other people you know are spending time there. Be smart enough to evaluate the website. Also, check how many Bloggers have actually benefited from them. This is key.

39. Turning Your Blog Into A Ghost Town

If your blog is a ghost town perpetually with no visitors and no readers, then take this as a warning sign. Ask yourself as to why people are not visiting your website.

Blogging Elementary

Your blog will not grow without people visiting it daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly. And so, make sure that your blog never gives a sense of a ghost town.

40. Expecting Magic Simply Because You Bought The Premium Plan on WordPress

A very popular but dangerous misconception among Bloggers is about switching to WordPress’s premium plans. Now switching to those plans is not a problem.

Blogging Elementary

However, thinking that now you’re all set is the real issue. Unless and until you work hard and also smart, only then will you witness a spike in your blog’s growth. So WordPress’s plans won’t help you grow. Your own effort on your blog will.

41. Ignoring Social Media Platforms That Will Help You Grow

Instead of wasting time on social media platforms that are not working in your blog’s favour, do your research on platforms that will help you scale your blog.

Blogging Elementary

I highly recommend that you start spending more time on Quora, Reddit, Pinterest and Flipboard. In case you have no idea about any of these, then take this as a reminder of revamping your blog growth strategy. 

42. Too Early With Sending Emails To Your Blogs’ User Base

Email subscription is important for any blog. You must work hard on building your email list. However, by starting early, you will end up wasting too much time there and get disappointed.

Blogging Elementary

Hence, build your blog for some time. Earn around 10K subscribers and then start your email campaigns actively. In fact, learn email marketing as a professional skill. It’ll help you.

43. Lacking Authenticity And Originality in Writing

The one thing that is expected of every single Blogger and content creator on the planet is originality. And so, if you lack honesty in writing, nobody will read your blog.

Blogging Elementary

And hence, there will be no growth. Invest time on working on your writing skills and in being original. This is why choosing the right niche is important. The more comfortable you are with your niche, the more original you will remain as a Blogger.

44. Choosing a Popular But Non-Rewarding Niche

Just because a niche is in news, doing the rounds and is popular does not mean that you should take it up as a Blogger.

Blogging Elementary

So do not commit the blunder of copying other people’s niche. Be it your writing style, or your site design or your selection of your niche – your job as a Blogger is to remain original. 

45. Not Learning Google Analytics At All

Google Analytics is a highly specialised tool that tracks the complete traffic received on your blog in a second to second manner. As a Blogger, you must learn how to use Google Analytics.

Blogging Elementary

This will help you understand user behaviour on your blog. And once you have that data, you will know exactly what is being liked on your blog and what isn’t. This will help you create better content.

46. You Are Blogging In Isolation 

Do not sit in some corner of the world and pursue blogging. Make yourself visible. And this will be the gateway to scaling your blog. Be a part of a growing tribe. Do not blog in isolation.

Blogging Elementary

Understand emerging trends in blogging and technology. Pick them up and understand them well. End goal should be to learn. Do not blog your way. Blog the right way.

47. Choosing The Wrong Platform To Start A Blog

If you are really keen to drive traffic and money to your blog, then make your pick about the platform wisely. Not every platform is meant for everyone.

Blogging Elementary

There is a whole array of choices. Decide whether you want to start with WordPress or practice first on easy platforms like Blogger, Tumblr and even HubPages. Go through them and decide which one suits you best.

48. Haphazard Layout of the Blog Is Irritating Your Readers

It is obvious that as a beginner, you might not be able to design your blog properly. And that is quite alright. However, over a period of time, learn to modify the design or take professional help. 

Blogging Elementary

It is important that the layout of every blog is extremely user friendly. Without a friendly interface, your readers will never understand where to go on your blog and where to consume content.

49. Not Being Able to Earn Loyalty From Existing Readers

By far, this is among the most important reasons why your blog isn’t growing. Blogging implies connecting with the audience. And so, if you as a Blogger are lacking that connect, people will stop visiting your blog eventually.

Blogging Elementary

This is where the growth stops and over time, it fizzles out completely. Hence, remember to prioritise earning a loyal audience. This will happen when you submit to your readers completely and genuinely provide value.

50. Creating Content That You Like And Not What People Want To Read

There is a golden rule that defines the success of all Bloggers. The rule is about bridging all gaps between your readers and yourself as a writer.

Blogging Elementary

Hence, write what people want to read.  Your blog should offer some rock sold value. Why else should they even visit your blog? There can never be a gap between your readers’ expectations and yourself. Both should be on the same page.

51. Staying Inside Your Comfort Zone As A Blogger

Staying within the narrow limits of your comfort zone will harm you way more as a Blogger than any other factor. Your blog’s growth will start only outside your comfort zone. 

Blogging Elementary

Therefore, leave your comfort zone permanently. Take a giant leap of faith and commit to blogging. Learn new skills and keep polishing them. The results from your efforts will surprise you pleasantly. 

52. Creating Short Non-Engaging Blog Posts

You are not allowed to be lazy as a Blogger who intends to drive traffic. Hence, stop creating short posts for your blog especially if you are a Niche Blogger.

reasons why your blog isn't growing

The minimum word length for every single blog published on your website should be at least 1500+ words. Anything less than that is just a farce.

53. Going By Hearsay And Ruining Your Blog

Do not ruin your blog just because a person you know provides opinionated advice and you end up listening. At least, do your own research before trusting somebody else.

reasons why your blog isn't growing

In an era of information and technology, there are a thousand platforms you can visit to do your research. And so there is absolutely no need to invest time in going by hearsay.

54. You Are Not Pressing the Publish Button Often

The most crucial job that a Blogger should absolutely prioritise is pressing the publish button as frequently as possible. If you’re not doing that enough implies that you don’t have enough content on your blog to get published in the first place.

reasons why your blog isn't growing

Therefore, sit on your blog. Write really good content and keep hitting that publish button. Without rolling out content that matters, your blog will not grow.

55. You Get Distracted As A Blogger Often

Getting distracted easily and not being able to concentrate on your writing for a long span of time is a problem. However, this isn’t anything that can’t be resolved.

reasons why your blog isn't growing

Hence, make use of some exercises that help you increase your overall focus. The more mindful you become, the less distracted you will feel.

56. You Are Unable To Promote Your Blog Naturally

A very important trait in a Blogger is to be able to promote and market one’s content naturally. This requires both hard work and smart work.

reasons why your blog isn't growing

No matter how good you are as a writer if your work doesn’t reach the right people, you are wasting your time and ruining your blog’s growth.

57. Giving Up Too Soon As An Aspiring Blogger

If you have come a long way, wait slightly longer and evaluate your blog’s performance. Do not give up on blogging just when you are about to make it big.

reasons why your blog isn't growing

If you find your blog in a rut, then re-strategise, seek mentorship, learn to innovate. Pursue all these things but do not give up on your blog.

58. Blogging Never Interested You In The First Place 

The last but one of the most pressing reasons why your blog isn’t growing is because you were never interested in blogging in the first place. You simply hopped on the bandwagon because of others.

Do not waste your time pursuing something that doesn’t interest you. Remember – “Whatever you do, pursue it with all your heart; Not piece by piece, not part by part.”

If you’re a victim of any of the reasons listed by me, take it as a warning sign and make amends. Trust me, you will not only grow but outperform yourself.

For anybody who is committed to blogging and needs assistance, I am right here. I welcome your questions in the comments section below or on the community forum at Blogging Elementary. 

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