As I sit down to write this blog with a smile on my face and a song in my heart, the BE. E-Magazine has earnt a global readership of more than 1 Lakh people. And this includes both English and Hindi editions.

This magical success has happened because of the People who make BE. Therefore, I am dedicating the Triumph of our Magazine with all my heart to the People who Shape us and Make us.

To people who make us and shape us

The Foundation of BE. Are Its Magnificent People

The foundation of BE. as a community, as a growth driven space and as a positive place are its People. So many people. 

We exist because you keep faith in us every single day. We grow because you root for us all the time. We stay positive because you spread happy vibes with every word you write.

And we are united in our vision because you don’t allow a single iota of negativity inside BE.

I am HIGH On BE. And The Souls That Make It Alive Every Single Day

Being on BE. with all of you on my side gives me a High that I can’t really express in words. 

I feel so much love and respect in the air. I feel enormous positivity and an driving energy that makes me outperform my own self many a times.

And I am overwhelmed beyond words. 


The Enchanting Feeling of One Lakh Views Globally In Less Than 24 Hours of Launching the BE. E-Magazine

The fact that we crossed 100K+ views in just under 24 hours of releasing our first Edition is something that will always stay with me. What I feel right now is an out of world trance.

I still have to pinch myself to realise that the BE. E-Magazine is not only a reality but a huge success globally. It isn’t just an idea anymore that I dreamt about but a tangible reality.

BE. E-Magazine English & Hindi – The Winter Edition – Vol.1

The first edition of the BE. E-Magazine was the Winter Edition. 

For those of you who haven’t still read the Magazine here is a little sneak peak into it.

Read the BE. E-Magazine in English & Hindi On Our Website

You can access the complete E-Magazine in English and Hindi on our website. It will stay there forever. And as more editions keep coming up, we will archive the older ones so that they can be read easily for all times to come.




The True Story Behind the BE. E-Magazine

The story of the BE. E-Magazine begins with three friends (Divya, Ashish & Akriti) churning ideas late night at their small but warm apartment in India’s startup hub – Koramangala. 

This was at the peak of the BE. Writing Festival 2020.

We were sleep deprived. We were constantly hustling. We forgot meals, routines, dates, time – everything. We were witnessing what we call, “forgetting everything else and going ALL IN.”

Finding A Way To Make The Most Dedicated Writers Of BE. Visible Forever

While seeing so many talented Writers sign up for BE. during our first season of the BE. Writing Festival, I had this growing feeling inside of me that their work must be read by people even after the Fest is over.

I felt that their work must be read even if they don’t win the Fest. Their work must be read, no matter what. Period.

And “BAM”, I instantly thought that we MUST launch a publication that fulfils this need.

Every writer deserves to be visible

The Journey From, “I Want To Do It” to “I Have Done It” 

An uncluttered mind always gives birth to hundreds of ideas. However, it’s the implementation that is challenging. I mean the journey from, “I want to do it” to “I have done it” is a long one.

And so began my journey as well. The time was limited. Stakes were high. Hopes were endless. And dreams, well – we’d just begun seeing them.

I knew by now, there will be no looking back.

Extending A Part Of My Personality Into The Essence Of The BE. E-Magazine

All my life, I’ve been a Romantic worshipping the magnificence of Nature. And so, I wanted to extend this part of my own personality into the BE. E-Magazine.

Therefore, I decided to make it a Quarterly Publication that would be released 4 times a year. And each edition would be personifying a new season.

This for me was signifying creativity, growth and flow in the Impassioned Writer.

The Final Schedule for BE. E-Magazine 2021

This is what the final schedule for release of our 4 editions looks like –

The Winter Edition | Vol.1

Date of Release – February 23rd, 2021

This is our ever first issue. It has been released in 24 countries. It has earnt a readership of 100K+

The Spring Edition | Vol.2

Date of Release – April 23rd, 2021

This will be our second issue. It will comprise of new kick-ass sections, segments, layouts and people

The Monsoon Edition | Vol.3

Date of Release – July 23rd, 2021

This will be our third issue and will be a very special one. After all, the date of the release will also be the 1st birthday of BE.

The Fall Edition | Vol.4

Date of Release – October 23rd, 2021

This will be the fourth and final issue for the year 2021. This issue will be released a week earlier than launching BE. Writing Festival 2021. So look out for many surprises.

We’re super excited for all the upcoming editions. Are you ?

The ‘Best Person For The Job’ Mentality Was The Only Way Forward For Us

Designing an E-Magazine requires absolute commitment, passion and love for creativity. 

It also requires you to feel before hand what your readers will feel eventually. Not to forget, empathising with the exact sentiment with which Writers create content in the first place.

And so, we had to figure out the strengths of people in our team to be assigned super suited roles.

Editor in Chief

The position that looks most glamorous is also the most responsible role. After all, it is the job of the Editor in Chief to ‘put it all together’ and make sure that every single aspect of a publication stands out. Not to forget, the team stays as one without conflicts. And this needs enormous patience, grit and resolute.

Having run so many ventures in the past and dedicating an entire professional life to hustle, patience and growth, the team thought me as the person who could fit in perfectly.

However, I was absolutely sure from the time of the idea of our E-Magazine itself that I will take charge of the English E-Magazine because my strength lies there.

The take charge role for the Hindi E-Magazine was assumed confidently by Divya Sarjolta – An individual having good Hindi speaking, writing, and editing skills. And no, this wasn’t the only reason.

There could not be a more selfless person to take charge here than the friend cum team mate who handles the best of best things for me ALWAYS committed to the end goal.

Editor in Chief

Copy Editor

No publication in the world can stand out if it lacks a good Copy Editor. After all, it is the job of the Copy Editor to ensure that all the content, grammar, proofing, editing has been done properly.

It is the Copy Editor that ensures the final copy of the Magazine is fit to be read before final publishing.

These two ladies – Divya Sarjolta & Nikita Sharma rocked their roles as Copy Editors.

Divya Sarjolta was the Copy Editor for BE. E-Magazine in English.

Nikita Sharma is the Copy Editor for BE. E-Magazine in Hindi.

Copy Editor

Web Editor

For a publication to be a Digital success, it must have brilliant tech integration for readers of far and wide to see. Integrating a digital product on the main website requires an excellent skill set and patience for experimentation. 

The current E-Magazine has been integrated completely into our website by none other than Ashish Rajta.  Not only has he done it single handedly by sitting on it for days together but has created it in a way that is being loved by lakhs of people globally.

The cool flip sound you hear while turning pages of the BE. E-Magazine on your phones, laptops or tablets is Ashish’s innovation.

The view counter that tracks views on the E-Magazine is again his integration.

The clear visibility of the E-Magazine on your devices and complete web & mobile optimisation is his doing.

Thus, the ‘E’ part in E-Magazine has been brought to life by Ashish.

Web Editor

Art Director

No matter how good the content and editorial guidelines in a Magazine, it won’t connect with the readers and additional writers of it lacks aesthetic appeal.

Art, they say is the skill of the mindful. Art like ideas must emerge from a mind that accepts realities beyond the ones established. And so, this was a role that was very wonderfully provided to me by the team.

As Art Director, I was responsible for making sure that every single artistic and eye pleasing element of both the English and Hindi Magazines connected beautifully with readers in 24 countries. It had to be a rock solid connect.

Hence everything right from the individual elements besides published works to font styles, font sizes, layout designs for different sections, names of different sections, divider designs, front cover layout, back cover layout, overall symmetry and even the white spacing was chosen, designed, curated and implemented in the final copy by me.

Art Director

Ad Sales Lead

Every Magazine requires revenue to survive in the long run. And as somebody whose founded various ventures in the past, all of which are bootstrapped, I always take into consideration the revenue models from day one.

This is that one aspect that keeps every Founder awake at night, on most nights.

Therefore, we got on-board a very responsible young lady – Jyotsna Anand exclusively for monitoring the statistic of our global readership and thereby reaching out to quality advertisers for the next issue.

Now that we have excellent views on the E-Magazine, we already are seeing some amazing advertisers reaching out to us. And with Jyotsna’s hard work and sheer grit of understanding the role she’s taken responsibility off, I can sleep a little more at night.

Ad revenue

Editorial Assistant

When as core team members, we assume multiple responsibilities, it is the devotion of outstanding interns that keeps us sane. It is the interns who share our work load thereby retaining the quality of our working.

Two such interns with Team BE. are Nikita Sood and Nick Davis. Nikita is a third generation Indian settled in Perth, Australia. Nick is a American citizen working for us from Manhattan. 

It was because of the devout commitment of both these individuals that the core team members could do their jobs properly. We kept our sanity because these folks made it super comfortable for us. 

Also, how cool is the fact that instead of an American company outsourcing work in India, an Indian company on boarded American team mates.

I guess, the global order surely is changing or as Nick says, “BE. is my only HIGH and India becomes a little close to my heart because of the BE. family.”

Editorial Assistant

The Major Challenge Of Distributing The Winter Edition Of The BE. E-Magazine In 24 Countries Worldwide – How, When & Why?

One of the most challenging parts of launching an E-Magazine is its distribution in different countries. And to ensure that a new digital product gets distributed in 24 countries in its maiden issue seemed like a nightmare to me at first.

But as the saying goes, “where there is a will, there is ALWAYS a way.” And the most important part of my role as Founder of BE. is FINDING AND MASTERING NEWER WAYS FOR GROWTH.

It took us months to find and collaborate with the right distribution networks in the 24 countries where the BE. E-Magazine is finally released.

All the hard work of the Writers who have been published in our E-Magazine and our own effort would be completely wasted had we not been visible in 24 countries. I mean what good is a publication without interested readers!!


All These Days My Heart Beat Was Synced To The View Counter Of The E-Magazine

The fact that we didn’t charge money for the Magazine implied that we MUST get quality readership and views. Reason being, the only way we will sustain in the long run is if the Magazine keeps increasing its readership so that advertisers buy space in our magazine and sponsor the upcoming editions.

And now, that we really found the right distributors, collaborators, networks and have crossed 100K+ views in the first edition itself, makes me take a deep sigh of relief.

Would You Like To Read Some Heartwarming Messages Within the First 5 Hours Of Launch For Our Featured Writers By Our Global Readers ?

Since the launch of the BE. E-Magazine, my inbox is flooded with not hundred but thousands of messages from people I don’t even know. They not loved our maiden attempt but also wish our Writers their very best.

Here’s a mini sneak peak. Let’s call this the Message Board.

BE. Magazine

A Beautiful Out Pour Of Love From Members Of The BE. Community & My Response To Them – Straight From My Heart 🙂

I had promised to my beloved BE. family that I WILL respond to the beautiful out pour of love that you have expressed towards the platform and me. 

And so, I’ve included all the Gratitude Posts that were shared on the BE. Community by a lot of you in my blog so that you get imprinted here forever.

Anita Pathak

Anita Pathak

Dearest Anita,

You have always been one of those silent warriors who makes her way ahead and yet stays humble. This quality of yours is admirable. Never change yourself for anyone. Never ever.

Aap par samay invest kar paate hain kyuki aapne esse earn kiya hai khud ki kabiliyat se. Aapko har roz aage badhta dekh mann khush hojata hai.

Thank you for keeping it real all this while 🙂

Pushpa Pant

Pushpa Pant

Dearest Pushpa Ji,

Sabse pehle toh ye bolna chahugi ki aapka post mujhe bhaut late mile lekin mila toh khush hun ab. Aapka aur mera toh connect day one se hi etna mazbut hai. Aap ne hamesha BE. ko dher saara pyaar aur ashirwaad diya. Saath hi mujhe bhaut pyaar kiya hai.

Hamare connect mai shabdo mein nahi bayan kar sakti. Bas etna bol sakti hun ki abhi toh safar shuru hua hai. Aur bhaut acha hoga sab jaise hum agge agge badhege.

Thank you for always staying so grounded and connected with BE. and with me 🙂

Viral Chavda


Dearest Viral,

You don’t have to thank me. I’d like to thank you for forging your path ahead.  We too are emotional and overwhelmed like you. Our feelings are so connected.

From now on, never allow anybody to pull you down and push you backwards. Your goal lies ahead. Your dream is right in front of you. All you need is to keep on moving.

Thank you for sharing the innermost desires of your heart with me 🙂

Meenakshi Pathak

Meenakshi Pathak

Dearest Meenakshi,

Aap ne hamesha mujhe bhaut zyada credit diya hai jabki vo aapka hai. Sirf aapka. Behad pyaar, sammaan aur vishwaas ke saath aapne BE. join kiya tha. Tab hum bhi naye they aur aap bhi. Jaise jaise hum aap aage badhe, hum bhi badhe. Aap they, hain aur rahenge esiliye hum bhi they, hain aur rahenge.

Aap BE. ke sabse zyada regular logo mein se hain. Na sirf aap khud ke lekh publish karte hain balki aap baakiyo ke lekh padhte bhi hain aur community me sab positive rahe, ye bhi ensure karte hain. Kisi ko kuch samjhana ho, toh vo bhi khushi khushi khud se karte ho. Aapka jitna shukriya karu, utna kam hai Meenakshi.

Aapko agar khud se hum sach mein milwa paye aur ye realise karwa pae ki aap mein kitnaaaaaaaa talent hai toh bas mera kaam safal hua.

Ek ensaan jisse nahi malum tha ki vo Writer bhi ho sakta hai, aaj 24 desho mein padha jaa raha hai, ye kitni inspiring baat hai hum sab ke liye.

Thank you khud ki kabiliyat pehchane ke liye aur ahista ahista sirf aage ki disha mein badhne ke liye 🙂



Dearest Shree,

Bilkul sahi kaha aapne. Sensitivity behad zarori hai ensaan mein. Esi se toh pata chalta hai ki ensan kya mehsus karta hai. Aap bhaavuk huay E-Magazine mein chapne se. Aur hum bhaavuk huay es baat se ki aapne aur humne kaise ek naya rishta kayam kiya hai.

Aap aise hi aage badhte jao Shree aur chahe zamana kuch bhi bole, khud pe vishwaas karna kabhi nahi chorhna. Hamare BE. parivaar ka hissa ho aap aur pehla niyam hai hamara ki honsla aur himmat kabhi nahi khoni hai.

Thank you khud se ek baar phir pyaar karne ke liye 🙂

Manjeet Singh Siddhu

Manjit Singh Siddhu

Dearest Aman Ajnabi,

Ji, aapko esi naam se address kar rahi hu kyuki as a Writer aap yehi naam use karte hain. Aap ne BE. ko hamesha bhaut pyaari kavitaen di hain. Saath hi aap etne dedicated hain ki chahe kuch hojae likhte hi likhte hain. Aur esiliye aapne khud ke liye ek special jagah BE. par banai hai.

Aapke lekh hamesha empowering hote hain. Ek mard hone ke bavjaood aap behad empathy ke saath women issues ko poetically address karte hain and sabke mann jeet te hain.

Thank you for being an amazingly secure voice in a world full of insecurities 🙂

Alpna Sharma

Alpna Sharma

Dearest Alpna,

BE. ko aap sab ne mil kar jagah hi aise bana di hai ki sapno ki chaabi ab sabke paas rehti hai. Ye sapne humne lekin aapko nahi diye. Sapne hamesha se aapne dekhe. Humne bas ek manch diya jispar vishwaas karke aap khud aye.

Hume etna maan dene ke liye, sneh dene ke liye dil se aabhar. Aapke lekan ke safar mein ek choti si khushi hum bhi de paye, es baat ko soch kar accha lagta hai.

Thank you sapne dekhne ke liye aur unko poora karne ki himmat rakhne ke liye 🙂

Neha Naik

Neha Naik

Dearest Neha,

Aap un logo mein se hain jo ekdum ahista ahista apni maanzil teh karte hain. Aap shor nahi machate bas seekhte hain aur hume aapki ye khoobi bhaut acchi lagi.

Aap aise hi aage aur bhi naye mukam haasil kijiye. Hum denge aapka saath.

Thank you etni emaandari se likhne ke liye hamesha 🙂

Pujashree Mohaprata


Dearest Pujashree,

Aap vo ensaan hain jo hamesha auro ko encourage karte ho. Aapko fark hi nahi padhta ki jeet aapki ho ya kisi aur ki. Fark padhta hai bas es baat ka ki jeet ho as a community ki and ye attitude aapka mujhe bhaut pasand hai.

Aapko magazine aur uske features ache lage, eske liye dil se aabhar. Picture na lagane ke faisla humne bhaut soch samajh ke liya tha. Kuch sections mein pictures hain, and kuch mein nahi. Eske peeche ek poori editorial strategy hai. Jaise jaise aur editions aege, hum esko modify karte rahege. 

Aapke posts ko hum like karte hain kyuki hume pasand aate hain Pujashree.

Thank you Pujashree for living life with a winning attitude that helps you embrace wins of everyone else thereby making you a true winner.

Poonam Sinha 

Poonam Sinha

Dearest Poonam Ji,

Mujhe etna shrey mat dijiye. Ye sab aapka hai. BE. Writing Festival se lekar BE. E-Magazine ke launch tak aap gum mein thi kyuki aapke pitaji es duniya mein nahi they. Eske bavajood aap likhti bhi rahi aur jeet ti bhi rahin.

Aaj aapke saare parivaar ko aap par bhaut zyada garv hona chahiye. Aap ne seedh kiya hai ki umar se fark nahi padta, circumstances se fark nahi padta. Fark padhta hai toh sirf khud ki himmat ka.

Thank you etni himmat se likhne ke liye 🙂

Surbhi Jain

Surbhi Jain

Dearest Surbhi,

We are grateful to you because had you chosen to give up and not explore writing avenues, you would have never known about your hidden potential. 

It is a matter of pride for us that we could generate positivity as a platform and keep you motivated. But even then the real motivation has emerged within you. And I would like you to keep it that way.

Thank you for acknowledging your hidden potential.

Bharti Joshi

Bharti Joshi

Dearest Bharti,

Thank You shabd toh chota hai lekin aapke liye. Hume aapka thank you karna hai jo etne pyaar se sammaan ke saath hamare saath jude.

Aapne humse jis tarah connect banaya hai mujhe bhaut acha lagta hai. Saath hi bhaut zyada ache dost bhi aapne banae hain jo hamesha aapke saath rahege.

Humne ek manch ke roop mein aapko kahan se kahan nahi pahuchaya Bharti. Aapki himmat aur pehal ne pahuchaya hai. 

Thank you khud ki kala ko pehchaane ke liye 🙂

Pooja  Agrawal

Pooja Agrawal

Dearest Pooja,

Aapki poems hamesha mere dil ke andar tak jagah bana leti hain. Aapne etni pyaari dil se nikli hui kavita BE. Magazine ko dedicate ki, eske liye dil se aabhar.

Aapke words mujhe overwhelm kar dete hain. Aapki lekh mai hamesha padhti hun and mujhe pata hai ki aap bilkul sahi raste par chal rahe ho.

Thank you Pooja for being the sweetest Writer ever 🙂

Vina Jha

Vina Jha

Dearest Vina,

Aap jaanti hi nahi hain ki aap kitna kuch kar sakti hain. Aur BE. pe hamara kaam hai aapko khud se milwane ka, aapko yakeen dilwane ka ki aap kitne talented ho.

Aapne meri aankho ko jaadui bola hai toh bas etna jaan lijiye ki ye aankhe talent dekhna acche se jaanti hain. Aapka pyara sa lekh humne dekha bhi, padha bhi aur prakashit bhi kiya kyuki aap deserve karte ho duniya bhar ke pathakon mein apni pehchaan banana.

Thank you for being a beautiful writer of our BE. Family 🙂

Pragya Padmesh

Pragya Padmesh

Dearest Pragya,

Aapke chehre par hamesha aisi hi muskaan bani rahe, yehi chahiye mujhe. Aap se hi Hindi E-Magazine shuru hui aur aap par hi khtm hui – Ye kitni khoobsurat baat hai.

Aapko day one se bol rahi hun ki behad talented hain aap aur aisi bhaut cheezen hain jo duniya ko pata bhi nahi aapke talent ke baare mein. BE. par ahista ahista ek ek cheez bahar laege.

Aap khud kitne khoobsurat ensaan ho eska pata toh esi baat se lag jaata hai ki khud ke post mein aapne sabko gratitude express kiya hai. Mere liye personally ye bhaut amazing quality hai aur mujhe hamesha se lagta hai ki ensaan jitna unchai par pahuncta hai, utna grateful rehna chahie usko. 

Thank you for being so grateful as you showcase your hidden talents to the world 🙂

Geeta Upase

Geeta Upase

Dearest Geeta,

Actually, I am not the wind beneath your wings Geeta. You are the wind beneath our wings at BE. And I say this with all my heart.

You’ve always stood out as an individual to me because you speak your heart out. I am thankful for your candidness and honesty – The 2 defining traits of a good Writer.

Thank you for being totally kick-ass 🙂

Sneha K. Saraogi

Sneha K Saraogi

Dearest Sneha,

I don’t think you lost ever gal. I think you were contemplating and it was then that we happened to meet and connect so deeply.

I have seen you blossom from a caterpillar to a butterfly – literally. I have seen you transform not only as a Writer but also as a person. And I am actually short of words to pen down my feeling.

Thank you for choosing to see the beauty of the world and the beauty within you 🙂

Josephine Charles

Josephine Charles

Dearest Josephine,

Your letters are always so wonderful. Be it the Christmas Letter you wrote to us or this one, you always stand in gratitude. And this is why we too are so grateful for you.

When you say things like, we’ve been efficient and responsive, it makes me happy because it reflects our vision as a team. I am glad you like the Magazine and the outcome.

Thank you for always being grateful and seeing the positivity in the hazy clouds 🙂

Shilpa Srivastav

Shilpa Srivastav

Dearest Shilpa,

I love the title of your post and I love your freaking honesty gal. From Kitchen to Keyboard indeed.

You have not only set yourself free from all mental barriers but also stepped out your comfort zone. Be it making a video or writing in the BE. Fest, you have been going places with your determination.

Hey by the way, I love this post so much that I WILL include it as a separate feature in our next edition. So congratulations. I am grateful to you for this heartfelt vent out.

Thank you for always staying so honest, innocent and determined Shilpa 🙂

Kavitha Shenoy

Kavitha Shenoy

Dearest Kavitha,

You know what gal – I still haven’t sunk it in that WE made it globally. I am still feeling a sort of disbelief that how did we do it. But then, I instantly get back to reality and know for a fact that the choice we made was about getting the right people with us.

And YES, it is about choices. We too made the right one by making BE. E-Magazine a tangible reality with you excellent writers flying high.

Cheers to the next HIGH waiting for all of us.

Thank you for addressing us the choice that made you happy 🙂

Mitika Kaushik

Mitika Kaushik

Dearest Mitika,

Yes it is quite ok to join later and see the celebration peak up. I myself have been so overwhelmed these past couple of days that it took me an entire blog to vent out my feeling for you guys.

Stay the amazing Writer and Person that you are and more people across the world will know you. Mark my words.

Thank you for being YOU 🙂


To Build Something From Scratch Automatically Takes Founders Like Me Into Unknown Dangerous Territories!!

When you first seed an idea of building something of your own, it is entering a territory that is dangerous because it is completely unknown.

You might be the smartest person in your industry. You might have more experience than others. And you might have a series of successes before. But it still doesn’t matter because the thrill, the trepidation and the fear is just as real as before.

The mere thought of starting a thing from scratch and thinking about the stakes being so high gives you a chill. Yet, the only thing that keeps you going is faith.

Faith in yourself. Faith in your idea. Faith in the people for whom you’re risking everything.

I Believe in Keeping Faith – In Myself, In My People and In My Dream

I have always believed that when you put faith in what you do, magic happens. And the scale at which BE. is growing in such a short span of time is nothing less than magic.

When people ask me, “is there a special strategy behind the enormous growth of BE.” I end up sharing a chuckle with them and telling them, “BE. is growing because its foundation are people who believe in rising together as a tribe.”

I guess, no strategy in the world can bring people together happily other than just keeping faith from the deepest layers of your heart.

In A World Of Endless Possibilities, Every Dream Begins With The 4 Magical Words, “I Can Do It.”

This is a world of endless possibilities, and every possibility starts with an individual saying, “I can do it.”

At BE. my intent from day one has been to prove to you people that YOU MATTER IN THIS WORLD. My stance has always been to support you exactly the way you are because YOUR IDENTITY IS UNIQUE.

My faith in you has been deeper than I can explain because I know for a fact that WHEN YOU BELIEVE IN PEOPLE, THEY OUTPERFORM THEMSELVES.

Thank you for keeping faith in yourselves and taking a leap forward every single day.

My Heartfelt Dream Of Overshadowing A Dot With A Complete Circle 

My dream is to be that single dot from all of this started but not where it will be limited. The dot needs to be transformed into a circle. And then a bigger circle. And an even a bigger circle whose circumference touches the remotest parts of our planet. 

The circle should be so big that it takes everybody who touches it with love and compassion. The circle should be so big that the tiny dot that was it’s origin isn’t even visible anymore. What is visible is the power of the people united across lines of gender, creed, colour and humanity.

BE. must outlast me as its Founder for the next generation to step in and create even bigger magic. The dream was never me. The dream was, is, and will always be the People of BE.

One day, we WILL TOGETHER create an actual ripple effect of people, for people that embraces the entire planet. And each person under the effect WILL get a new high on life. 


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To the People Who Make Us.

-Akriti Mattu

Akriti Mattu