Taking colourful pictures of delectable cuisine and posting pictures on IG seem to be the norm these days. But to actually come up with funny food captions for Instagram is something that comes across as a hassle for most people.

To help you wonderful women and men think about funny food captions on IG, I am sharing as many as ninety nine original ideas. Use them and see the party getting started for you online.


109 Funny Food Captions for Instagram Foodies and Cooks!

1. I don’t follow any diet, I just follow food.


2. Rather than being in your good books, I’d prefer being in cookbooks.


3. Find me if I’m missing, at a place that sells chicken.


4. A burger’s intention is to grab my attention.


5. Let’s doodle with the noodle.


6. If pizza had been a celebrity, then I would have been a paparazzi.


7. Health is wealth, no compromise, so eat well and sleep tight.


8. Dig in before you starve, what looks yummy won’t forever last.


9. Whatever’s yummy goes in my tummy.


10. Me and my food have one thing in common, We both love each other


11. Home is where I’d love to dine, With family and friends of mine.


12. She asked me the secret of my glow, and I said I’m dating a chef.


13. Order good food for a happy mood.


14. Delicious food and good mood, Go hand in hand all the time.


15. I prefer a diet with a healthy vibe.


16. It can never be fake, my love for cake.


17. No if, no but, I love yogurt.


18. Things can get misplaced, but not my taste.


19. Let the breadbasket overflow, I’m finally home.


20. Look what it took to finally stop, the last bite.


21. If I talk about good food, “What comes first, goes in first, But what comes at last, still goes in fast.”


22. I’m always friendly with the owner, whose feast’s around the corner.


23. That’s exactly where my heart lies, five stars to French fries.


24. When it comes to pick, I prefer treat over trick.


25. As time elapse and never freeze, I daily want spaghetties.


26. Not just eat but do feel, your everyday meal.


27. We not only give free access to wifi but also to world’s best choco pie.


28. Seal the deal, let’s have a meal.


29. Don’t look at my belly, it’s mom’s love.


30. My boss can wait, but pizza won’t.


31. Brunch with friends, always trends.


32. Perfect breakfast starts your day, in a perfectly delicious way.


33. Balanced diet is a must, but yummy snacks come first.


34. My morning begs for scrambled eggs.


35. When food is running late, I need to meditate.


36. For doughnuts, I’ll go nuts.


37. When my tongue picks up a taste, nothing goes to waste.


38. Everything is yummy when cooked by mummy.


39. Buffet sounds great for a change of taste.


40. Can’t say no to tasty snack, get some, then do pack.


41. Hey It’s selfie time guys, @hamburger @fries.


42. Don’t drool or dream, have an ice cream.


43. Ease with cheese.


44. What sounds great, tastes even more great.


45. Dear dessert, I’m always open for you.


46. Dear late burger I really tried, but couldn’t keep you off my diet.


47. First eat, then tweet.


48. Feast like a beast.


49. Food, when delicious, is extremely precious.


50. Spicy flavours never lack, they leave an everlasting impact.


51. Good food has all the key ingredients to satisfy, not only your stomach but also your mind.


52. Yummy, yummy happy tummy.


53. The secret ingredient in mummy’s recipe is her pure love.


54. Let’s rock and roll with spring rolls.


55. Even if I put on weight, I won’t hate chocolate.


56. Let’s serpentine, where food is fine.


57. What’s the hurry, have fish curry.


58. Food is for the soul, food is for life, food is for the need to happily survive.


59. Would you choose or you’d lose, when it comes to delicious food???


60. Eat good food, stay healthy dude.


61. My stomach just texted my mind, it’s lunch time.


62. I’ll grab it and have it as food is my habit.


63. If there’s chicken in the kitchen, I won’t stay away for long.


64. Food is what I yearn for, and earn for.


65. Eat sprouts then work out.


66. Dieting is like fighting, and I’m really not good at it.


67. Wealth is something but health is everything.


68. Eat eat eat on repeat, something sweet.


69. When festivals are on, taste comes along.


70. When it comes to eating, my food is mine but yours is even fine.


71. Whatever the mood is, depends on how the food is.


72. Health is served three times a day, at breakfast, lunch and dinner.


73. Can’t ditch, sandwich.


74. Health is valid with the salad.


75. Appetite visits when food revisits.


76. Oh my, it’s apple pie!!


77. My heart cribs for barbecue ribs.


78. Yippee, it’s a chocolate chip cookie.


79. It’s my right to fight for every yummy bite.


80. Kitchen is where I’m often found, when tasty food’s around.


81. Toss and turn, grilling is fun.


82. Here’s what it takes to cook, an empty stomach.


83. Cooking is an art for reaching out a heart.


84. Peach tart for a luscious start.


85. Express it with an espresso.


86. Feelings linger for ladyfinger.


87. Food is like a lifeline for every food lover.


88. Mornings are meant to be, for a cup of tea.


89. The only thing that attracts and distracts me is food!!


90. Life Is too short, so eat together, it’s now or never.


91. Eating together creates a bond, that stays forever strong.


92. Life is called a circus, so come let’s eat in surplus.


93. I not only have a good history but even good chemistry with food.


94. Movie night, with popcorn, right.


95. Food is like a pill that reduces a doctor’s bill.


96. Cook and look your best, when you serve a guest.


97. Stay healthy today, for a healthy tomorrow.


98. If the stomach is a lock, then food is the key, to unlock happiness for everybody.


99. Food is a language of love.


100. I am a very balanced person. Look at me balancing this pizza & pie.


101. I am never Hungry, But I can always EAT.


102. Help! Said the pizza from the fridge. So, I had to rescue it.


103. Near a cup of Tea, is where I wanna be!


104. Don’t be shy, come closer you beautiful apple pie!


105. Anyone who touches my French fries, Dies!


106. You say Grilled Cheese, I say YES PLEASE!


107. And the fight for the last bite begins in 3..2..


108. DO-NUT mess with me when it comes to food!


109. Saying No to Good food is just so Rude!

I hope you’ve found the right food captions for your Inst​agram pi​ctures that will make your family, friends and followers go gaga. If yes, feel free to tag us (@bloggingelementary ) on your Instagram picture because it will make us feel extremely happy.

Sanmeet Kaur Sarna