Earning money by asking questions on Quora sounds like hyperbole to most people. However, it isn’t an overstatement at all. In fact, it is a reality for thousands of people using Quora. 

You can most certainly earn money by asking questions on Quora. All you need to do is to be a part of its Partner Program just like I have been for over a year now.

Having been part of the QPP for a decent amount of time, I’d love to share my personal insights as to how exactly can you earn per question and to what amount.

Can you earn money by asking questions on Quora

Stay with me till the end of this blog so that you understand accurately the ‘how’ ‘when’ ‘why’ and ‘what’ of earning money by asking questions on Quora.

Trust me, you will end up understanding the entire mechanism of monetisation behind asking questions on Quora.

How Exactly Can you Earn Money by Asking Questions on Quora & Earn Up to $500 per Query ?

If you are part of the Quora Partner Program, which is also known as the QPP, then the platform allows you to monetise per question.

Now, this is a very interesting model that Quora has introduced because till now no other social media platform has been able to come up with something even remotely related.

Basically, there are three very important concepts that you need to understand well in order to make good money as a member of the Quora Partner Program.

How to Join the Quora Partner Program and Start Monetising per Question?

The first requisite to earn money per question on Quora is to be a part of its Partner Program. The Quora Partner Program is also popularly known as the QPP. 

I’ve created a video on how exactly can you join the Quora Partner Program. I’ve also shared my own QPP dashboard for a lot more interesting insights. You will gain a lot more clarity after watching the video.

The internet is flooded with misinformation when it comes to the Quora Partner Program. And sadly, a lot of people are falling prey to that misinformation. Please do not believe what random people say about the QPP.

Do Not Fall Prey to Misinformation Regarding the QPP on the internet

Prioritise real data over false gibberish. Look for exact statistics, metrics and real numbers that people have to show. Avoid following rules and guidelines about asking questions under the QPP just because a pseudo-influencer on the internet is saying so. 

The Secret to Earning More Money by Asking Questions on Quora is to Gain Lots of Views and Ad Impressions

Any user who is part of the QPP earns per question when a decent amount of Ad impressions are generated. These Ad impressions are generated when a question is able to get a good amount of views. 

In my illustration below, I’ve shared with you the exact number of Ad Impressions that these two questions have been able to generate. Also, the views per question have been shared. 

Questions with more Ad impressions earn more in QPP

Both these questions above have been able to generate a decent amount of views and hence Ad Impressions. And so, Quora has compensated the questions with very good earnings.

4 Easy Ways to Get More Views and Ad Impressions on Your Quora Questions that Will Help you Earn More

In order for you to receive a number of quality answers for the questions you’ve asked on Quora, you should resort to any one or all of the following ways –

1. Use the public tab option to ask questions on Quora
2. Ask questions on Quora that are common concerns of people
3. Share your Quora Questions on Social Media
4. Always send Answer Requests to People on Quora

1. Use the public tab option to ask questions on Quora

Every time a user intends to ask a question on Quora, a total of three tabs are made available as far as the visibility of the question is concerned. These tabs are – Limited, Anonymous and Public.

Question tabs on Quora


By choosing the anonymous tab, your identity as the person asking a question will be kept hidden. Quora does not allow anonymous users to earn money on questions under the Partner Program.

Therefore, never select the anonymous tab. It is a good thing that you are asking a question so why keep yourself hidden?


By choosing the limited tab, your question will not appear in the feed of your followers. You will get compensated for asking questions under this option. However, I highly insist that you don’t choose it. 


By choosing the public tab, your question will be visible to the maximum number of people. Also, they will know that it is you who have asked the question. Therefore, the chances of that question gets answered increase significantly.

Always choose the Public tab for asking questions.

2. Ask questions on Quora that are common concerns of people

Invest time in thinking about questions that you might face in your day to day life. Remember, if a question is important to you, it surely will be significant for a lot more people as well.

The more common your question, the higher will be the chances of it getting noticed and hence answered. Hence, share your own questions on Quora for which you truly are looking for answers.

What kind of questions make money on Quora

The question that I’ve shared with you above is a simple question pertaining to Facebook messages. It has earned a whooping $214.66. A question like this is asked by so many people who use Facebook.

Let me share another example –

The following question is a very personalised question. And even then, it has earned $34.28. Personalised questions might seem trivial but in actuality, people engage with them more. If you happen to be a beginner at Quora Partner Program, go straight for personalised questions.

What kind of questions make money on Quora

Here is one last example –

This question below pertains to a very common place problem that most of us face today – Disagreeing with the senior management. Hence, a question like this has been able to earn $66.11.

What kind of questions make money on Quora

3. Share your Quora Questions on Social Media

The highest-earning questions on Quora have one thing in common i.e they receive answers from people outside Quora. Therefore, do share the questions you ask on your social media profiles with the intent of finding quality answers.

I had asked this question and shared it on Facebook. To this date, this question hasn’t received many answers. But even then, the question has monetised. So sharing your questions outside of Quora will help.

Share questions from QPP on social media

By the way, if you have the answer to this question, do let me know. I’ve been looking for it all this time.

4. Always send Answer Requests to People on Quora

One of the easiest ways to earn money per question under the Quora Partner Program is to send ‘Answer Requests.’ Quora allows users to send requests to the most knowledgeable people on Quora for specific topics.

Based on the history of using Quora, these users have been very carefully picked so as to share their knowledge on topics with you by means of answers. 

I asked a question pertaining to iPhone 12. And Quora has provided the option of ‘Request.’ Also, it has been mentioned that requests help you get answers to your question.

Can you earn money asking questions on Quora

Basically, requests work on the same principle as tagging people on social media so that they get notified.

What Type of Questions Make Most Money on Quora?

Even though thousands of users on Quora ask multiple questions daily, only some truly make a lot of o money while others never see monetisation.

Based on my own experience of using the Quora Partner Program for over a year now, I have some intriguing insights to share with all my readers.

Did you know that these 14 category of questions earn more money on Quora?

If you are a part of the Quora Partner Program or are waiting for your invite, you must understand the nature of questions that are more profitable than others.

Questions That are Not Allowed to be Asked on Quora & Will Never Earn Money

If you really want to earn per question on Quora then in addition to knowing what to ask, you should also be aware of what not to ask. In fact, there exist three kinds of questions that you must never ask on Quora. Else, they won’t monetise.

Never ask a question that already exists on Quora

You are not to ask any question that already exists on Quora. Repetition of any sort is not allowed under the Quora Partner Program. 

The entire point of the Quora Partner Program is to generate more fresh content for the platform. Therefore by asking questions that already exist, you won’t be compensated at all.

Quora will use its ‘merge’ feature each time a question similar to an existing question is asked. And so you won’t earn a penny.

Do not ask questions using the names of people on Quora

Do not pinpoint to people on Quora and ask questions. Such questions are out rightly rejected under the Partner Program. If in the rare case, they are accepted, you won’t end up making money on them. 

Therefore, it is better to stick to Quora’s quality guidelines and only then ask questions that actually add value to the platform.

Avoid asking questions about Quora

Now, this is a tricky one because a lot of users feel that questions pertaining to Quora should be allowed.

However, Quora has very categorically mentioned in its Partner Program guidelines that questions based on Quora will be excluded from compensation. Hence, avoid asking questions on Quora.

Guidelines by Quora on QPP

The more innovative questions you will be able to ask, the better it will prove it for you. You will be able to receive a good amount of views per question and hence Ad impressions. And those will lead straight up to monetisation.

Does Quora Pay Users for Answers as Well?

One of the most common questions that I’ve seen users of Quora asking is, “can we be paid for providing quality answers on Quora?” The answer is NO. Quora does not pay users for writing answers. However, Quora pays really well for asking Questions.

Writing quality answers on Quora has its own advantages. You might not be directly compensated by Quora for sharing good answers. But you are rewarded in so many other ways and compensated indirectly.

Anybody who is a content creator and runs a blog, website, YouTube channel or even a podcast can derive so much traffic from Quora if the person is willing to share answers that stand out. 

Once you drive traffic from Quora, you will earn anyways. The reason is, you will have a dedicated audience visiting your platform. And these same people will help you monetise through advertising, affiliate programs or anything else that helps you monetise.

The fact that you were able to provide value to a passionate user on Quora by means of your answer will result in her or him staying loyal to your blog, website, YouTube channel or podcast. The key is to always provide value.

I hope that my blog was able to answer your query pertaining to, “Can you earn money by asking questions on Quora?” In case you still want more information, feel free to either comment below or just leave your questions on Blogging Elementary’s Community Forum.

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