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If there’s one thing I’ve heard over and over again in the last 1 year of my interaction with Writers, it is – “We write good quotes and poetry but don’t find avenues for the same professionally in India.”

This got me thinking deeply. And I made a commitment to my own self about coming up with a way to utilise poetic writing and quotes of my beloved community members based out of India. A way that would help them inculcate a new skill set at par with contemporary global standards of writing. It makes me happy to share with all of you that I FINALLY FOUND A WAY THAT WILL NOT ONLY HELP YOU AMAZING PEOPLE ENHANCE YOUR EXISTING SKILL BUT WILL ALSO GIVE YOU AN EDGE IN THE EVER CHANGING DIGITAL WORLD.

BE. will now be publishing Digital Label Captions & Poetic Pieces in 5 languages that will be picked by organisations internationally

A number of organisations across the planet will now be picking up digital label captions and poetic pieces from the blogs published on BE. in the coming months. These will be in 5 languages – English, Spanish, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu.

It took us months of labour to get to this point but we did it finally like no other Indian organisation has ever done before. This makes me truly blissful. I cannot express how happy I feel right now just sharing this with all of you.

I have seen you people write poetry and quotes day in and day out. And I could not possibly ignore your skill and not do anything about it. Therefore, I found a way that utilises your skill and gets you to an international level as a Writer. After all, each task, challenge and prompt that you’ve ever attempted on BE. had led you to this transformative moment. It is your time to shine now and let the world watch you write.

Understanding the BE. Special Writing Internship 2021

Let us understand the BE. Special Writing Internship better –

Nature of Internship

The internship will be virtual. This means you can avail our internship from anywhere in India.

Number of interns to be selected

25 in total

12 in Hindi
10 in English
1 in Urdu
I in Punjabi
1 in Spanish


The Internship will last 15 days.

Each intern will finish 3 compilations comprising nano poetry or label captions during this period.

Each compilation will comprise of either 99 nano poetic pieces OR 99 label captions as the case may be.

Daily timings

You can work as per your convenience and productive time.
The end goal is excellent work. As long as you stay dedicated, we don’t mind you choosing your own work timings.

Skills to learn

Digital Nano Poetry & Label Caption Writing for Instagram

Google-friendly compilations as per the ongoing policy for 2021

SEO for poetic writing and label captions


Copy editing

Working knowledge of Google Docs


Each intern will receive a stipend of 1000 INR on the successful completion of the Internship. Also, the compilation will be published on BE. along with the name, picture and bio of the Writer.

Once the compilation makes it to Google (yes, our team will make sure each compilation is visible on rank 1 on Google so that millions of people read your poetry or captions), the intern will also receive a ‘Letter of Recommendation’ for other future prospects.

Why is the Stipend 1000 INR?

No organisation ever discloses its stipend value for interns. In fact, most of them make interns work for free. But we at BE. believe in transparency and every single applicant has the right to know about our methodology.

So here it is –

Since each compilation will consist of 99 nano poetic pieces or 99 label captions, you are being paid 3+ INR per poetic piece or caption. These captions or poetic pieces will be between 1 word and 20 words only.

So, that makes it 300 INR per compilation. Since there will be 3 compilations, the total stipend should be 300+300+300=900 INR. We, however, will be providing 1000 INR per Intern.

Training & Mentorship

Before the beginning of the Internship, the selected interns will be personally trained by me on Zoom. I will also mentor each intern throughout the 15 days of Mentorship. We will also have regular Zoom meetings to address any issues and to evaluate our progress.



Akriti Mattu